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Spirit Breaker: Str-based Agi carry.

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Forum » Build & Guide Discussion » Spirit Breaker: Str-based Agi carry. 6 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by littleemp » September 5, 2012 1:59pm | Report
Hey guys, so here's the situation. I was randoming 2 days ago and got Barathrum and wanted to cry myself to sleep, but instead of going for either Mask of ****ness or rushing a Hyperstone, I came up with the idea to exploit his aura and build him as an Agi Carry. It has yielded great results so far, but I can only go so far on my own before I start to need help to incorporate different items/ideas on him.

Without further ado, this is what I've been working with in the past 3 days:

1. Power Treads
2. Yasha
3. Drums
4. Decide whether I absolutely need BKB or if Illusions will help or hinder teamfights. Choose between BKB, Manta (Because of his naturally high base damage, illusions seemed like a natural fit to me), or Sange and Yasha.
5. If I didn't go BKB first, decide if I still need BKB.
6. If not, get Lifesteal (Helm of the Dominator, I'm not a fan of early Lifesteal unlike most people).
7. Get a Butterfly.

This is as far as I've gotten before I end the games, but I assume that other options would be Satanic, Heart, and perhaps a Mjolnir for games where I need to deal with illusions/multiple units.

Here's where it gets tricky. I want your help in figuring out if and under what conditions to implement a Diffusal Blade, Heaven's Halberd, Eye of Skadi, and Aghanim's Scepter.

If you don't think that this is viable according to your views, that's fine, but I just refuse to use items like Mask of Madness that make it easier to feed than kill.

Note: And in case someone is wondering, you can pop manta as you are using nether strike, so your illusions can hit before the greater bash even happens.

A couple of screenshots for numbers comparison for the non-believers



Manta + Butter

SnY + Butter




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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by daPhongster » September 22, 2012 3:43pm | Report
'exploit his aura'

You realize his aura give 16% Move Speed, not AGI, and damage proportional to Moves Speed, not AGI, and that Agility or attack speed, which is the only thing you're getting from building AGI on a STR hero besides armor, doesn't scale with his aura?

Also, Mask of Madness gives Move Speed, which is why it's viable on Spirit Breaker.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Glayde » September 24, 2012 6:53am | Report
^ This. Your aura gives damage based on you movespeed. That's why drums, MoM, BoT, are good on him.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by jaslam » September 24, 2012 8:47am | Report
the reason why people like bara and huskar, are so bad - is the style of initiation.

I like your build, but you would be soft - and yes, tho your damage is based on your MS, you're right, screw that and build up some AS for chain bashes, plus there isn't going to be too many items that boost MS anyway.

I've always hated Mask of madness, so agree and leave it out!
for this build to work, you can't initiate with your charge, you need to run close, ulti and then charge, or you will get chained disabled too far away from your team.

drum's core. yasha core (but where it goes from there, up to you.) try skipping the helm of dominator for an urn, cheap and usefull, for an agressive gank style.
the only other item to try is a necro book, as with each level the creeps have an ms and as aura, which gets stronger, so as you can imagine, initiate, necro, charge, bash bash bash bash bash. and the damage they deal is significant, you will share eachothers aura's as well, so should hit quite nicely :)


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by dotamees » October 10, 2012 10:25am | Report
Mask of madness can be a slippery road against stunners & harassers. But when u get bkb its all good. I consider them the core items.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Captain Planet » October 18, 2012 10:48am | Report
I don't see anything terribly wrong with this build, the movespeed evens out with the drums and SnY, you are missing the lifesteal but you have bonus attack speed which will grant you more greater bashes. The ony problem is this has turned SB into a hard carry, which needs extensive farm. Those items are expensive and would take you a long time to get. If you happen to be the only person capable of carry, this could suffice. (I,E team all support/tanks) The mask is cheaper and it warrants the same dmg potential of these items( with a yasha and BoTs Instead), the purpose being you Charge Mom take a few swings, ult and finish the ordeal, this makes him more effective at the role intendend by his skill set.

I give you props for going outside of the box and I can say that this build can be effective/ albeit the rare situation occurs that SB has to be the only Hard carry on the team.

For even more effectiveness try out going caster SB, get an aghanims scepter(CD reduction makes casting his ult more often= someone is feeling the beat). MoM and a Cyclone stick. This build is what I choose 75 percent of the time.

Captain Planet

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