May 29, 2018

Team Build- Road to Victory

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Having or creating a strategy with players from random servers, or even with your own friends/teammates can be a hustle when trying to catch up with their skills, (if you're noob) or making them follow you (If they're noob). But fear not. There is a soluble solution to that. First, during the banning phase and the picking of heroes, talk to your teammates first. You shouldn't pick a hero right of the bat because it's your favorite or something. Make sure that your team is consisted of these line-ups.

-Tanker (for pushing)
-Support (Obviously, you know what the roles of a support are)
-Hitter + free hit= Long range hitter (SOMEONE HAS TO ATTACK FROM THE BACK TO YA KNOW)
- Another hitter + tanker= Carry (NEVER FORGET THIS. THIS WILL BE YOUR KEY TO VICTORY!!!)

In picking your hero phase, learn to raise your versatility. Don't just stick to one hero. (this is not a relationship BTW) So in times you needed a new hero whether you are a support or carry or whatever, It wouldn't be a problem for you. And remember, COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY! AND DON'T CHARGE AND PUSH BY YOURSELF! Learn to use Glyphs, Wards, Smoke and report heroes on your enemy side (whenever they leave your lane).

That's it for me. I'll be making another one on the future so keep on tune!