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July 10, 2016

Safecyn's 6.89

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6.89  |  Idiot  |  Safecyn  |  Some
- Nerfs to heroes that I don't like playing against
- Justification as to why these heroes are OP and can not just be drafted around with heroes I don't like playing.

- Buffs to heroes that I like playing
- Justification as to why these heroes are weak because I can't win every single game with them.

- Gameplay adjustments that cater to my specific playstyle

- New item that would make some of my favorite heroes really, really, really strong.

#Shotsfired ;P

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June 02, 2016

3K Overreaction Hype.

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I apologize for posting on the blog twice in a row, but this happened today:


I is excite, as you can tell. I'm one loss from falling back down and still need to play like 20 more games before my Seasonal replaces my regular MMR but for now... EXCITEMENT!

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June 02, 2016

Linken's... what, again?

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I've been thinking about Linken's Sphere. I feel like the item is slowly becoming more and more irrelevant as each patch comes out: it was given the ability to be used on other people, its cost has shrunk significantly over the past few patches (the recipe getting reduced to 1K gold flat in 6.87!) and it's cooldown is 13! Down from 20 back in the day. And yet...

Who... buys this item? Does anyone?

The natural heroes that come to wind are Medusa, Morphling, and Weaver, yet it's becoming far more common to skip this item in favor of other things: Medusa and Morphling get much more out of an Eye of Skadi, and Weaver... well, I'm a Phase/Deso guy on Weaver, but that's another thread entirely.

It straddles this odd line of not knowing what type of item it wants to be. The fact that you can transfer the spellblock makes it seem like a support item, but at almost 5K gold and having two 1K+ costing components, it's difficult for a four or five position to get this item unless y…
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May 08, 2016
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Idiot  |  Idiot's  |  Legion Commander  |  Safecyn  |  Some  |  Why
I'm going to try something a little different here: no, this is not the followup to Safecyn's Sinister Six where I attempt to play Legion Commander, that's... coming? Probably? I don't know, because I don't actually have any desire to play this hero.

This column is primarily going to be an opinion piece with some off-kilter sense of quasi-analysis as I ask a question that may be obvious for some, but utterly baffles me like I were a kindergartner asked to do quadratic expansion. Why the hell is Legion Commander so damn popular?

Legion Commander is the third most played hero this month and the fourth most played for 6.87, and will most likely eclipse Phantom Assassin for third place in that category as well if trends continue unaltered. And like Invoker metaphorically and Pudge literally, she is a festering, bubonic plague on the pub dota scene: a malignant tumor so thoroughly rooted in one of the team's jungles that it can hardly be compared to cancer since she takes so long …
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April 02, 2016

SS6 ep. 1: The Bowser Brigade

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70 minutes  |  All Hero Challenge  |  Cuttleboss  |  Cuttles  |  Doom  |  Idiot  |  Idiot's  |  Long Game  |  Safecyn  |  Sinister Six  |  Sniper  |  Some
War. War never changes.

Sure, the faces may be different from time to time, as Icefrog's mighty hand buries some into the trash tier while invoking others to positions of prominence. Hell, even the terrain itself may be swept clear and remade as seasons come and go. But at the end of the day, it's always a bunch of scared kids charging out into a senseless bloodbath, defending a hunk of magical rock that never did a damn thing for 'em.

It's times like this it's good to have a friend by your side: someone to watch your back. Because the world isn't nice to small, fragile men that waddle from place to place. Who was stupid enough to follow me into battle, you might ask? None other than the master of all cuttlefish himself. Damn fine soldier.


We had Sniper planned beforehand, Cyn hoped for a miracle. I was prepared to give him the next best thing, Abaddon, a hero that can pair very well with Sniper, since Sniper really just needs a tank who can lead charges wi

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