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Upgrade to Prime What is Prime?
Prime Membership Features Frequently Asked Questions
What are the Prime Benefits for Twitch & Youtube?
With Prime, your guide readers will easily be able to find your streams, content, and channels because they will be prominently displayed at the top of your guide. You choose whether to display your Twitch livestream or a Youtube video of your choice for each guide that you have published. In-Guide Stream & Video Display
Your stream will also stand out in our stream listings, as a thank-you for supporting us. Catch eyes and turn heads with your shiny stream flair! If your stream is one of the most popular online you will even make it to our Top Prime Streams, displayed prominently at the top of our streams page! Highlights in Stream Pages
  • Your stream will only be displayed if you have set the game you are playing to Dota 2.
  • The stream display will show only up to 10 guides. If you have more than 10 guides you will need to select which guides you wish to use the stream display features on in your Prime Settings.
  • If you have a featured stream, with no YouTube video, when your stream is offline a collapsed bar will show so that your viewers can still easily locate your Twitch channel.
  • If you have both a featured YouTube video and featured stream, your YouTube video will show when your stream is offline. When your stream is online, your stream will show.
  • Featured YouTube videos must respect the following rules:
    1. Video must be Dota 2 related
    2. Video must demonstrate gameplay or be educational
    3. Video should relate to the guide topic (Hero specific preferred, but at least it should be somewhat related, like a jungle video for a jungle guide)
    4. Videos must not break any site rules
How do I setup my Twitch & Youtube Prime Benefits?
The following options are all found in your Profile Settings page on your Profile, in the Details tab.
  • You must enter your Stream Link (remember to hit the Update button at the bottom of the page!)

The following options are all found in your Profile Settings page on your Profile, in the Prime Settings tab.
  • Show stream in guides is enabled by default, but may be turned off if you don't want to use the stream display features
  • Show stream flair on streams page is enabled by default, but may be turned off if you don't want to use the stream highlighting features
  • If you have more than 10 guides you can control which guides will use the stream display features by selecting them from the dropdown.

The following options can be found on any edit guide page, and are specific to each individual guide.
  • Here is where you enter your YouTube url for the video you want to feature on your guide. Keep in mind that since this is per guide you can show Hero-specific videos to best suit each guide!
  • Enable Stream / YouTube Autoplay will automatically play your stream or video when someone opens your guide page.
  • If autoplay options are not enabled and your stream is online, Always Maximize Online Stream Window will show an embed of your stream rather than collapsing the stream section.

How do I add and edit my custom profile banner?
Your profile banner can be any external image url, you just have to make sure it's hosted on an external website. For instance, I uploaded mine to Imgur. Recommended size is 1084x227. Custom profile banner
You can find the field to put your profile banner url in your Prime Settings on your Edit Profile Page. To get the url of the image you want simply right click the image and select "Copy Image Address" or "Copy Image URL". Profile banner in Prime Settings
What is a custom sideblock and how do I edit it?
The Custom Sideblock is an editable BBCode area that appears above the navigation buttons on the left side of your profile page. You can put anything here that is accepted by BBCode, which includes images, videos, icons, text, etc. Use it to show off your favorite characters, your stream, whatever you want! Custom Sideblocks
As you can see you can do just about anything you can think of! Have fun with it. :) If you need help with BBCode there is our BBCode Guide or Guide Making Resources, and if what you're looking for isn't there try our Support Forums. All you have to do to use your Custom Sideblock is go to your Prime Settings and put your BBCode in the Custom Sideblock field. Custom Sideblock in Prime Settings
What is comment control and how do I use it?
You can find all of these settings in your Prime Settings on your Edit Profile page (mouse over your name in the top right of the network menu). .You will find a [-] button at the top-left corner of every guide or blog comment. Clicking this will collapse the comment and hide the contents. This is what a hidden comment looks like. You can click the [+] button to expand it again. If you're a Prime member, we'll remember your settings the next time you load the page.
Control comments directly in dicussions
Im tired of all these Signatures...what do I do?
Does someone's signature really bother you? With Prime you never have to see that signature again! Just click the little "x" button in the top right of their signature container.
Eww, an annoying signature!
BAM! That signature is now hidden
If you want to hide all signatures just go to your Prime Settings and check the "Hide All Signatures" checkbox. No more signatures anywhere! You can add more signatures to hide from specific users in Prime Settings as well as remove users from your signature "ban list."
Tons of signature control options in your profile settings

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