DOTA 2 Video: Mega-Kill

By Necrotikz on 2012-09-13 :: Viewed 3132 times


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Valeu por ver meu vídeo, se puder comentar, gostar, avaliar o canal com a sua opinião e adicionar aos favoritos...

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vlladonx (2) | December 20, 2012 6:17pm
He's right, the Sniper didn't do anything, just used the what was left of a team fight to get kills. At around 0:26 he's too much of a wuss to finish PA and help his Necrolyte to escape. I would. And then ignores broodmother instead of shooting and ulting to keep it visible for 2 seconds and let team finish him. Not cool. I bet there was a lot of KS in this game.
Necrotikz | September 16, 2012 6:01am
Blitxxen wrote:

Its funny because this shows nothing, other than a fed sniper...

Haha, I think it's funny ok?
Blitxxen (7) | September 13, 2012 10:04am
Its funny because this shows nothing, other than a fed sniper...
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