DOTA 2 Video: DOTAFIRE - Outworld Devourer Guide with Heazle

Submitted by Hades4u on 2013-07-14 :: Created by MOBAFIRE TV :: Viewed 2117 times

DOTAFIRE - Outworld Devourer Guide with Heazle

2117 views Created by MOBAFIRE TV
We are very proud to present to you another DOTAFIRE production, Outworld Devourer - Guide Video by Hades.

DOTAFIRE TV now includes DOTA 2 and will be bringing you lots of new and exciting video focused on DOTA2 e-sports, guides, highlights, comedy and more!

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The following guide was written by Hades and reviewed by the video team.

In this video, we present to you the Outworld Devourer guide, focusing on his carry role and his ability to dominate the mid lane and deal huge amounts of damage to the enemy!

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out new site features that allow you to submit replays and easily find and view content from the MFTV channel, here on DOTAFire.

We hope you enjoy this another release created by Hades, and encourage everyone to join in with feedback, replays or other content suggestions. If you would like to contribute please contact Yannis. We are looking for Twitch streamers, guide makers, voiceover personalities or anybody who would like to help out with video editing and be part of the MFTV family.

DOTAFIRE - The Outworld Devourer Guide
Created & Directed by: Yannis @
Script: Hades4u @
Voiceover: Heazle @
Edit: Hades4u @
Intro: Yannis @
Contact:Yannis @

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