DOTA 2 Video: Dendi Pudge Dota 2 - Seventh

Submitted by TossFromUA on 2013-04-04 :: Created by NoobFromUA :: Viewed 3031 times

Dendi Pudge Dota 2 - Seventh

3031 views Created by NoobFromUA
Dota 2 - Na`Vi.Dendi The New Pudge. (Dendi Pudge Seventh)

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Match IDs: 164214590, 165009201, 161176741, 161055590

Music: Unstoppable Music - In My Head
Raymond Lefevre - Jandarm Film OST.
Pfeifer Broz Music - Attrition Probe
John Murphy - In The House In A Heartbeat
Network Music Ensemble - Defending Champions
Michal Cielecki - Bullet Storm Menu Theme

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