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Tidehunter, tank n' gank v0.5

November 23, 2011 by godofrawr
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tank n' gank

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills

Blubber (Innate)


1 8 10 12

Kraken Shell

2 3 5 7

Anchor Smash

4 9 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Version Summary

Initial Layout, and a quick test skill sequence completed.

Skill sequence with explanation included. Also started filling out basic Character info and Strats.

Introduction put in, and guide published.

First wave of item changes, still in testing though.

Skill order re-explained, and unchanged.

In the future;

Expansion of item builds, including situational items
Jungling (and why you shouldn't really do it)
More general strats

Personal Introduction

This is my first guide, for any game.
First of all, I'm not pro, and I don't claim to be. This is a guide based on my limited beta experience with Tidehunter. As is quite obvious, this is a very early version of the guide. I will expand sections as I have more information to put in. Any feedback is welcomed, and I will test to see if it fits the core concept of this guide (i.e. don't suggest pure damage carry items for a tank build, etc). Also as is typical on the internet, I fully expect to be mocked and called a noob, so please feel free to do so, I will ignore you as you rightly deserve.

Although my experience with Dota 2 is limited, I do have a significant amount of experience in LoL, as well as a fair bit of HoN experience.

Character Intro & Basic Strat

Tidehunter is one of the better tank/support heroes. He is very good at initiation team fights, when he can blink in. He also has a passive ability that makes him "tank"-ier than most heroes.
He also carries around a giant dead fish.

As with any tank, you should allow your lane mate (hopefully a carry) to get the majority of the last hits. Your core build is not incredible expensive (~4650g). You will ideally serve as a wall between laning opponents, and the carry for most of the early stages of the game. Due to mana restrictions, try to save your Gush for when there is a "good" gank opportunity, or to allow your carry to create space between themselves and an aggressive attacker.

By mid game you should be able to Roam and create ganks with Gush (for single targets) or Ravage (for multiple targets). During later game team fights, the basic attack pattern will be Blink in, Ravage, Anchor Smash, then Gush the priority target to prevent escaping.

Pros / Cons


    One of the best team fight Ultimates in the game
    Kraken Shell makes him very tanky
    Gush is a good slow

    Team fight utility is limited to his Ultimate
    Mana starved early game, if you are using his spells at all
    Damage output is kind of "meh" when geared as designed

Skilling Order

Take 1 point in Gush at level one, then;

Top Priority - Ravage
Then Kraken Shell
Then Gush
Then Anchor Smash

First 4 levels should look like this;


The Reasoning;


As stated originally I still believe that Kraken Shell should be levelled first for survivability. Gush should always be the 1st point you put in for the 40% slow. 1 point should go into Anchor Smash relatively early, for the debuff in early ganks and team fights.
From there it will depend on what you roll you are filling on the team, and how the match is going. Gush is a better single target ability, and the armor debuff helps. Anchor Smash is good damage dealer, with a short cool down. This would mean, that if your team is entering team fights relatively early, or is short on damage, you may want to level this over Gush.



After some testing, I've altered the core. The core build for TH should be just the Power Treds and Blink Dagger, keeping in mind that you should be buying wards, assuming you are actually working on ganking.

Vanguard is situational, as it really is only good mid game, and against melee or auto-attack heavy teams. Hood is a good, relatively cheap item to combat magic damage heavy teams. At this point, it is probably not the best option for TH as it doesn't really complement him very much, but its worth mentioning.
I feel that Assault Cuirass complements THs playstyle, and the armor debuff from Gush. Given that your Ult will put you in the middle of the fight in most cases, you should be able to get the debuff on most of the opposing team, at least for long enough for the damage to be done.

After further testing I don't feel like the Bracers are as "core" as the Blink Dagger and the Power Treds. They are still very good, cheap items for him, but Treds and the Dagger should be the primary focus.
Heart is a good late game item, as TH typically he has a large HP pool. Still an "in testing" item

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