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New Guide

The Ultimate Storm Guide (2020, in the works)

September 12, 2020 by Arch3rOfficial
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Basic Storm build

DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Static Remnant

1 4 7 9

Electric Vortex

3 13 14 16


2 5 8 11

Ball Lightning

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

600 Distance Auto Remnant in Ball Lightning
Overload Pierces Immunity
+25 Attack Speed
+0.4s Electric Vortex
+325 Health
+65 Static Remnant Damage
+2.5 Mana Regen
+24 Overload Damage

The Ultimate Storm Guide (2020, in the works)

September 12, 2020


Hello there everyone, and welcome, to the ultimate storm guide. You might notice that it's quite small at the moment, and only covers the basics of storm. But don't worry, in a month or so I'll be updating it which a lot more advanced information and his role in the pro scene.

To start off with, let’s go over the pros and cons of storm:

Pros / Cons


  • Has the ability to be greedy

    Especially at lower ranks, you'll almost always have some part of the map (a lane or parts of your jungle) that isn't occupied. Storm is able to convert farm to power fairly efficiently for being a mid hero.

  • Space-creator

    You might be wondering how storm, a fairly farm dependent hero is able to create space. One word: Orchid. The most modern storm builds today are centered around orchid, which gives you the ability to focus more on ganks and pushing back the enemy, giving your team at least a net positive amount of space.

  • Able to play alone

    Fairly self-explanatory, since storm can move across the map so quickly, he usually doesn't need to hug his team all the time like other mids.

  • Invincible with perfect play

    Also pretty self-explanatory, his ult literally makes him invincible for a certain duration. Of course, 0 deaths is really hard to achieve, but it should always be your goal since storm can snowball really hard if he's given the opportunity.

  • High skill ceiling
  • Huge kill potential
  • Comes online somewhat early

    When you mention storm, most people think of one of two storms. The first group of people view storm as this hero who will kill anyone and everyone in every lane as soon as he hits level 6. The second group views storm as this mid who just farms for 25 minutes to get his bloodstone before coming online. The truth is somewhere in-between, and it's mostly dependent on your ability to farm.

  • Fairly versatile

    As mentioned previously, you CAN start fighting and ganking at 6 if it's needed, but you can also farm straight for 20 minutes if the game calls for it. He might not be the most versatile hero, but he's alright compared to most other mids.

  • High skill floor
  • Very susceptible to debuffs

    A silencer or bane can make your life a lot harder, which will also force you to switch your item build-up to be able to survive.

  • Draft-dependent

    Gets countered by team coordination


First of all, let’s talk about items. The main progression for storm is as follows: Orchid (Before 14 minutes) Treads (16), kaya (19), bloodstone (26), scythe of wise (35), Bloodthorn (41), moonshard (48). When it comes to the starting and early items, I highly recommend this ingame guide by the current #1 storm in the world.


Anyways, let’s talk about the lane. You will start with your ‘Q’ ability, static remnant. This ability simply creates an explosively charged image of Storm Spirit that lasts 12 seconds and will detonate and deal damage if an enemy unit comes near it. This is your main farming ability, so when you have the mana, or you’re on top of an enemy, feel free to spam the **** out of this ability.

Next up you’ll get your E, which is a passive that gives you a single explosive right click after you cast a spell. A lot of beginners focus way too much on the magic damage of storm, while neglecting his right click. If you’re in a fight and you don’t have anyone to dive, it is not too bad to just stand back and right click people while spamming Q to get your explosive charges.

Up until level 3, you have very little kill potential, but right the second you hit level 3, your kill potential spikes by a lot. If you get close enough to the enemy, you’ll be able to execute storms strongest combo: W, right click, Q, right click. Honestly, even if you don’t get the kill, this is a pretty decent harassing method in the lane, so when you get an opportunity, do: W, right click, Q, right click on the opponent to make them respect you.

Other than that, the lane is fairly simple at a basic level. At level 4, you are able to go take jungle camps if you feel it’s needed.

That being said, it’s time to talk about storms characteristic move: His Ball of lightning. So what is it that makes this ability so special? First of all, it has no cooldown, meaning the only limiting factor is your mana. Secondly, it makes you immortal. Literally. No caveat, no ********. While zapping, you are literally immortal. It also deals damage based on how long you’ve traveled before, so sometimes taking risky long zaps will pay off. A very very extreme example of this is fountain diving, because wait, did I mention you can use items (including the teleport scroll) WHILE ZAPPING? Well you can, which leads to moments like this:


Let’s talk about talents. Left, Right, Left, Left. That’s it. There are variations of course, but I’ll talk more about that in the advanced guide. These talents are the optimal ones for probably around 75% of games.

Late game

Finally, let’s talk about the late-game storm. Some are scared of this stage, some are waiting the entire game to get to the late-game. Personally, I love the lategame, mainly due to the fact you have a high amount of bloodstone charges. Bloodstone charges are gained when you’re near an enemy dying, and lost when you die. The more charges you get, the more mana per second you gain. Basically, if you’re winning late game, you should be able to dash in and out every 20 seconds or so, due to your mana regaining so incredibly fast. If you’re losing, you basically gain a radius around your ancient where you’ll be able to dash in and out of your fountain, constantly dealing free damage to the enemy. In the end though, late game storm is really quite similar to mid game storm, just a bit more safe and easier.


Anyways, thanks for reading this. I’m releasing the second and third part in a couple weeks. Also, thanks a lot to Captain Iceblock and Kio for proofreading this guide and helping me format this series.

For more resources, I strongly recommend Captain Iceblock's channel. The quantity and quality of his channel is insane, and the fact that he mainly creates storm content is just a bonus.

Also if you for any reason you'd want to support me, the best way is to just check out my channel. It's really small at the moment, so any support is appreciated!

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