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The most interesting way to play the little man.

April 27, 2015 by Nawafir
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The only build

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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Hello everyone, this is my guide for one of the most boring heroes in the game, this isn't debatable it is a demonstrable fact. So the other day I was playing sniper, none of my buddies wanted him cause he is an un-fun ****lord. However, I went with an interesting build for once and actually had fun as opposed to crying tears of boredom, which is what this guide is based off of. Now I know I will get a lot of preconceived hate for my build based on what I put in the skill and item build, thank god for that since I don't want anyone getting their hopes up. Without further ado, let's look at his lore

"Kardel Sharpeye was..." you know what, who even cares he is a dude who shoots people, let's move on.

Where the hell do I even lane.

The thing about laning is sniper can do well pretty much anywhere, although I wouldn't go with this build in a safelane position, you can though cause I really don't care. However if you are offlane you definitely want the take aim maxed out asap, mid you can go either way, and safelane is probably where headshot will be most effective maxed first. This build focuses on blink dagger so mid will probably be best so you can gank other lanes with efficiency, but then again, other lanes can gank which a lot of people seem to forget. Especially offlaners, see also, bounty and clock. Just remember, you are a delicate midget man and need to play safe, and also flame you teammates until you have wards.

HOW the hell do I even lane

Well, a lot of people have different thoughts on this. One guy said that sniper is a hard carry, but he is of course a lunatic. Anyways, here are the different positions and all that

If you go mid your two priorities are farm and ganking. If your team is destroying their lane but the cowards are hiding, simply walk up and slaughter them, or if they are being aggressive as hell, you can probably help your team. However, if the enemies are playing far too safe to secure any kills, or if your teammates have no stuns or lockdown, farming might be a better option.

This one is a bit odd since you're put in a hard carry role, if you are the safelane carry you will most likely be farming a lot, so you might want to skip shrapnel for stats in this scenario.

This is an interesting one, the way most people utilize sniper offlane is to be a pushing machine, in this you might want to get shrapnel before headshot, take aim is still taken since you can push towers from farther away.

Reason for skills and flexibility of said reasons

Now, a lot of people might disagree with my picking up of shrapnel, I think it is a good skill for pushing and the like but you can ignore it if you wish, also a lot of people think headshot is more important than take aim, and while i feel like this is true in a lot of cases, I think that in this blinking build of wonder the range trumps it.


This poor skill, not loved by almost anyone it is one of the most ignored skills in the game, if not the most. It is obviously sniper's worst skill but I still feel it doesn't deserve the abuse. The point of this is skill is to slow enemies, but most importantly to destroy many a tower like a ****ing terrorist. As I said earlier if you want to ignore this skill then feel free, I still feel it is a worthy pick-up over stats in many situations

Thanks Icefraud

Among many other odd changes in 6.82, now sniper's mini-stun is gone and is replaced with a slow, it is pretty much equally efficient in slowing down just in a different way. Also, channeling spells are no longer interrupted so buying tps is a good way to deal with sniper now.

Take Aim

Another infamous skill, this one allows sniper to be a pain at a distance, this skill is how sniper makes up for his squishiness which is why I max it out first. It really doesn't get any more simple than that. Should have been called take... it in the ***, haha I am at the apex of my humor tonight.

he ded

The most infamous of all, unless the enemy have a way of disjointing it, if they have low enough health, they will have 5 seconds of thoughtful contemplation before they are annihilated.

Items and all that.

Alright, this is going to be the long one, and I can already feel the onset of arthritis.

Starting Items

Delicious trees, eat 'em, and heal yourself.

Every man needs a good pair of slippers, this can be skipped if you aren't going for the Ring of Aquila.

GG branch.

If you are a big wimp and think you need more regen.


If you really want the regen, are mid, and think you can have free reign over runes then feel free, not a big fan of the item but putting in for completeness.

If you get bottle I wouldn't also get this, But I think this is a good item to get before you go into your more core items, also i would advise getting brown boots first.

boots of choice for most right clickers, especially those with a blink dagger.

An item known best for being picked up far too often, it has serious offensive advantages but has a defensive drawback, because when it is active you take more damage. Thanks to your blink, positioning yourself safely isn't as hard.

OH YES, THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED FOR ME TO EXPLAIN! So blink dagger is funnily enough my favorite item in the game, so much fun to use, and as a Tinker player I use it quite a lot. Sniper is the last hero you would think to buy a blink dagger on since it gives no stats, but it makes sense. It can get you in the perfect position in fights to take down enemies before they can reach you, or while they are focusing your team. Also notable, you can blink into the trees and tp for an easy escape while split pushing or just in general.


Don't worry my dear friends, mjollnir might be an orb effect, but it only affects the little lightning spurts it gives off on the occasion, meaning it can work with MoM. gives attack speed allowing for devastation, and best of all, looks awesome.

Best DPS item in the game, if you are six slotted and don't have this, you are insane.

Good damage item with more mini-stun, and let's you never miss against pesky evasion heroes, such as but also allows you to hit even when affected by the likes of and

Gives you and your team more attack speed, gives your enemies less armor, quite simple. Also don't buy this if your teammate already has, it doesn't stack.

Solid stats, more dps, and the ability to disjoint spells, so incase rubick steals your ult, this will allow you a clean get away.

You fast now. Also, allows for split pushing if you happen to have a team with a natures who wouldn't dare join a team fight.

Losing the game horribly? This might bring you back up. Winning the game and still feel like buying it? Throw the game and watch the report suggestions begin.

You hurt less often, you do more stuff when you hit a man, that simple. I put this at the bottom, since this item isn't the best for dps, cause it also has much evasion, and while that is good, if you are getting blink survivability is not your prime concern.


"Well sadly I could only think of one with my inferior and idiotic brain. That item being..." is what I said before I got a suggestion, so here they are.

No, I am not high... okay maybe just a bit, but that is not my reasoning behind this. I actually saw some use this item on a video and it is kind of smart actually, this item gives a good bit of burst damage and health, allowing you to armlet toggle to safety then fire away.

Well, this is the item you might want to consider, not sure how this works when stacked with Mom, but I don't think it messes with deso's effectiveness too much.

The most depressing item in the game. Shoot people down as they slowly, and pointlessly flee in desperation until their painful and inevitable demise. Also gives good stats but that's boring so who cares.


10/5/14- As of 6.82 Icefraud replaced snipers mini-stun with a slow so I changed the guide accordingly.

*AN UPDATE FOR A STUPID META* as of 6.83 skadi has become pretty much core on the little man, but he is about to get the nerf hammer so who knows.

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