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Misty Jungle (Abaddon)

August 3, 2013 by KaZua
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DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

4 8 9 10

Aphotic Shield

1 3 5 7

Curse of Avernus

2 12 13 14

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


15 17 18

Misty Jungle (Abaddon)

August 3, 2013


HIhi,this is my Abaddon jungler build. Abaddon is a really late-gamer and if you can't farm well in the early stages, you're pretty much screwed. That's why jungling may be an alternative. It's a bit hard at first but once you've got the right things, everything will happen in a flash. ENJOY!! ^.^

*PS:This is my first guide so please don't be too harsh. :)

Pros & Cons

+High damage in late game
+High survivability with Borrowed Time
+Strong ganker with Aphotic Shield
+Very useful curse of avernus

-Weak farmer
-Skill and item dependent
-Easily counter-farmed


Mist Coil
Abaddon releases a coil of death that can damage an enemy unit or heal a friendly unit at the cost of some of Abaddon's health.
-Almost useless during early game
-Fast cooldown

Aphotic Shield
Summons dark energies around an ally unit, creating a shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring. When the shield is destroyed it will burst and deal damage equal to the amount it could absorb to an area around it. Removes certain types of negative buffs and stuns on cast.
-Main skill of Abaddon
-Great for farming
-Painful burst which enemies will run away from

Curse of Avernus
Abaddon strikes an enemy with chilling power on each attack, causing all units who attack the slowed enemy to gain increased movement speed, along with faster attack speed, for a limited time.
-Important boost for Abaddon
-Effective slow for ganking and escaping

Borrowed Time
When activated, most negative buffs will be removed and any damage you take will heal instead of damaging you. If the ability is not on cooldown, it will passively activate when your hitpoints drop below a certain threshold.
-Seriously one of the most useful ultimates in dota
-Easily countered by not attacking you while this is activated



Movement speed increased from 300 to 310.
Armor decreased by 2.
Aphotic Shield cooldown decreased from 14/12/10/8 to 12/10/8/6.
Borrowed Time cooldown now scales from 60 to 60/50/40.
Mist Coil cooldown decreased from 6 to 5 seconds.
Curse of Avernus enemy debuff duration increased from 2 to 2.5.

Aphotic Shield now explodes at the end of its duration if it has not taken sufficient damage.
Cooldown decreased from 18/15/12/9 to 14/12/10/8.
Cast range increased from 450 to 500.
Aphotic Shield cast range increased from 350 to 450.

Increased Aphotic Shield cast range by 50.

Curse of Avernus bonus movement speed increased from 10 to 15%.

Aphotic Shield cast range decreased from 800 to 300.

Mist Coil cast range increased from 300 to 800.
Mist Coil cast range reduced from 600 to 300.

Lowered Mist Coil cooldown from 7 to 6.
Abbadon now gets the Curse of Avernus buff on his first attack instead of on his second attack.
Added Abaddon to Aghanim's Scepter. (Increased duration by 2 seconds.)
Improved Aphotic Shield's life from 100/125/150/175 to 110/140/170/200.
Changes to Aphotic Shield and Borrowed Time.
Increased Abaddon's movement speed slightly.
Lowered Mist Coil's cooldown.
Decreased cooldown on Mist Coil from 15 to 11 seconds.


Well that's it guys. I know this is a bit short and I'll try to improve it if i can. Any response is appreciated. Thanks for your time!! :D

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