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Legion Commander Lane/Mid Build

July 15, 2014 by jdambro1284
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Q build Mid/Lane

DotA2 Hero: Legion Commander

Hero Skills

Overwhelming Odds

3 4 5 14

Press the Attack

1 7 9 12

Moment of Courage

2 8 10 13


6 11 16


15 17 18

Legion Commander Lane/Mid Build

July 15, 2014


This is my first guide ever so please if I messed up anywhere, let me know. I play LC a lot and feel she is a great pub char. In pro games where you need chars to have abilities that really benefit your team, she is situational. Tresdin is a superb strength hero with the ability to snowball very early with her ult. Her Q allows her to set up her ult easily early game as it dishes out good dmg after lvl 2 and gives an extra boost of speed to cut down the distance so you can duel. She can heal very easily with her W and has a lifesteal passive that will proc when she is being attacked, but also attacking herself. It will not proc just standing there getting attacked. DO NOT DUEL IN A GROUP OF HEROES WHEN YOU ARE ALONE. EVEN INITIATING WITH DUEL CAN BE BAD AS YOU WILL BE NUKED DOWN QUICK. USE DUEL TO PICK OFF LONE HEROES OR COORDINATE SOMETHING WITH YOUR TEAM WHERE YOU DUEL THEIR BEST TEAMFIGHTER AND HAVE EVERYONE NUKE THEM DOWN FIRST.


I do not yet know how to separate the items built into categories so I just mashed them in the order I buy up to HoT and everything after that is suggestive and situational. I like going mid or lane with LC. I think jungle is too slow for her to get online and you get more farm in a lane or mid, as long as you don't get teamed with a noob.
I start off buying a quelling blade for easy last hit power, a stout shield for taking harass, and tangos to heal without having to use your W too often too early. I then build into a quick soul ring which can mostly be picked up in the side shop if in lane. This will help keep you mana high and be able to spam your Q a few times before you get your ult. If you get low on mana just pop sould ring, hit them with Q and run in for the duel. Works most of the time.
I then build into treads for hp and some attack speed and then blink to get in on your foes easier to get the duel off. After you get blink there are a few ways to go. I like getting a hyperstone right after blink to help finish the duels faster. Now depending on who you are going against will set up your power items. If I am up against some squishy heroes I will take desolator next and this will easily give you the boost you need for finishing quick duels. If you are up against some high HP heavy hitting foes, I go Assault Cuirass for the armor buff and armor debuff. I very rarely get Armlet because i feel the money spent on that could go towards a deso which will end up doing more dmg or finish off the AC which your team will greatly benefit more from.
After finishing deso or Assault Cuirass you need to assess where you are in the game. If you are doing really well on dmg then build up your hp. If you aren't doing well on your duels then get another dmg item and then go for an HP item. Obviously if you are up against a lot of stuns and magic dmg, pick up and early BKB and pop that before your duels to get the win. I feel anything with crits isn't worth it because you should be doing enough dmg at this point where crits will just b overkill. Better off getting a heart of tarrasque or satanic to keep your hp up.
By this point the game should almost be over and if you did a good job dueling should be able to finish no problem. Other items such as SB or HH are viable but rarely picked up by me. No one should be able to stand up to you in a duel 1 v 1 so HH is really not needed and SB i feel can take too long sometimes to get in close to your enemy where blink pops u right next to them and surprise they are screwed. But it's all up to what you want to do.


A lot of people will say to level up W and passive first. I do not feel this is as viable as leveling up your Q to 3 or max first. When I lane I go W, passive, Q, Q, Q, Ult, Q/W depending on who you are laning against. Then finish your W and passive and taking the ult at lvl 11 and 16. The reason I level Q first is because it does great dmg when the enemy hero is in their creep wave and will let you set up your duel much easier. It is imperative you get early duels as this will set up your snowball for the mid game. 90% of the time when I mid or lane I get my first duel right when I am lvl 6 by chipping away the enemy heroes life with my Q and making them use their heals.
By lvl 6 they shouldn't have any more tangos or salves because you should've done enough dmg with Q to make them use the heals. Coordinate your first duel with your lane partner and you have a quick extra 10 dmg. Do this 2 to 3 more times before lvl 11 and you will be on your way to snowballing. After lvl 6 if you are laned against some heavy hp heroes i usually will finish my Q for more dmg and easier set ups for my ult. If there are squishys in your lane i will skip maxing Q and level up press or passive next. This will allow you to have more attack speed or more chance to proc your passive in the duel. The most important thing to remember is that some people will bait you to duel a lone hero and then 4 will come out of fog and crush you. Be wary of this and always try to coordinate your duels with somebody.


So this being my first guide and all, please let me know any fixes i can do or any suggestions. I DO NOT like jungling with LC early on as she is better in lane farming. Maxing your Q first gives you a lot more dmg early on and lets you set up nice early duels against your enemy. Pick up a sould ring early on instead of bottle for some nice mana regen and easy ganks in lane. After laning phase continue to gank and jungle the gold you need to get your dmg or hp items. Assault Cuirass and Deso together are a force to be reckoned with when you duel. I can burn most heroes in 4 hits after getting these items and that's with around 50 dmg with duels (which is low). So if you can get above that by mid game you should be able to snowball and win the game easy unless your team feeds a hard carry and then your screwed.

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