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Krobelus the Death Prophet

October 2, 2012 by HugiN
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Haunting while Untouchable

DotA2 Hero: Death Prophet

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Krobelus the Death Prophet

October 2, 2012

A short look into Krob

Krobelus is a hilarious hero to play. Nothing is quite like popping exorsism and raising hell. A fast moving caster hero, one may think she was squishy. Survival early game is made easier because of high movement speed. And the bloodstone, ever a staple for Krobelus, even gives her a support edge in the event of death. With low cooldown aoe nukes and good crowd control possibilities because of a large radius silence, she will be felt in large team battles. That is without mentioning the killer ultimate.
In the old days she was often built with Boots of Travel. Her ultimate is a golden tower pusher. The current metagame makes is very profitable to go for Phase Boots, as she truly moves fast when triggered and lets her put her ultimate to good use wether fleeing or attacking.
I must mention that this build is made largely for public games. I have seen no guides that mention Shadow Blade. I have literally laughed out loud several times when using Exorsism then going invisible. Triple kills come fast. In serious gaming environments, naturally, this is easily counterable. However, it can still sow confusion, and make the enemy team spend resources trying to kill you. Shadow blade is like always, situational. If you play against players that do not react to your invis, you will be getting kill after kill after kill.

The skill setup is based on you going mid, this is situational. The buy order is up to player preference and again, is situational.

Krobelus becomes a sentry. A constantly casting tank. A tower pusher. She can be support. Superb early lane support, but slightly wasted when not soloing mid in my opinion. Few early game heroes can escape a gank from a lvl 7 Krobelus with phaseboots + ? popping ulti and casting bottom lane.

Dont be scared with Krobelus, often underrated, especially by newer players, she is a very, very powerful enemy or a profitable ally. When playing the Death Prohpet, remember that fleeing is attacking, start running when you have a reasonable amount of hp, your enemy will, specially the inexperienced ones, chase you.

Dont chase Krobelus with ulti up unless you know its a quick kill :)

Not a hardcore guide, just to give some ideas. Its how I PERSONALLY prefer to play her as it is very amusing. If you wanted someone to hold your hand through building this hero this was obivously not the guide you were looking for. Pick your fights wisely early game, control mid, and become a god mid game and a serious pest for the enemy late game. Any team with a krobelus that is doing well should not see endgames, as she can fast finish off the entire enemy base if left to her devices.

Hope i did not waste your time!


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