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Immortal Razor Hard Support - 7.35d

April 21, 2024 by Mrki55
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Razor pos 5

DotA2 Hero: Razor

Hero Skills

Unstable Current (Innate)

Plasma Field

1 4 5 7

Static Link

2 3 14 15

Storm Surge

8 9 11 13

Eye of the Storm

6 12 18


10 16

Hero Talents

Static Link Steals Attack Speed
Creates A Second Plasma Field Delayed By 0.8s
-0.1 Eye of the Storm Strike Interval
+25% Storm Surge Damage and Slow
-1s Storm Surge Strike Cooldown
+5 Static Link Damage Steal
+10% Spell Lifesteal
+30 Plasma Field Damage

Immortal Razor Hard Support - 7.35d

April 21, 2024

Spell Tips

Plasma Field:

Use plasma field to slow enemies who are runing away from you while you are draining their damage.

Enemies closer to the edge of plasma field take more damage and slow.

Hits enemies once when expanding and again
when returning.

Static Link:

In lane use it to secure kills on enemies who get out of position or use it when the enemy laner is attacking your carry.

In teamfights prioritize using it on enemy cores who deal physical rightclick damage.

Static link debuff is undispellable !

Storm Surge:

Storm surge helps razor to stay ontop of his targets, expecialy if they proc the passive.

Eye of the storm:

Increase the physical damage you or your teammates deal to the enemy.

Always cast it before engaging.

Talent Tips

LvL 10 - Plasma field +30 damage

Plasma field hits enemies twice meaning you increase the damage by 60.

Good increase of damage for depushing, farming and overall dps in fights.

LvL 15 - Static link steals 1 armor per sec

Steal up to 10 armor with link.

Static link debuff is undispellable !

LvL 20 - Eye of the storm -0.1 Strike interval

Further cripple the enemy teams armor.

Becomes incredibly powerfull if you cast multiple Eyes of the storm or have aghanim scepter.

LvL 25 - Static link steals attack speed

Steal the enemy damage dealers attack speed to increase your own dps.

Static link debuff is undispellable !

Item Tips

Aghanim's Shard:

Drag the linked enemy towards yourself, if the linked unit gets hit with plasma field while its being dragged it will be slowed to a near halt.

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