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Immortal Grandmaster - pos 5 Undying 60% Winrate - 7.32e

March 17, 2023 by Mrki55
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Hard Support Undying 7.32e

DotA2 Hero: Undying

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Soul Rip

4 8 9 11


2 13 14 16

Flesh Golem

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+6 Tombstone Attacks to Destroy
Gains Reincarnation 300 CD
-2s Decay Cooldown
Tombstone On Death
+10 Soul Rip Damage/Heal
+20 Tombstone Zombie Damage
+50 Decay Damage
-15 Tombstone Cooldown

Immortal Grandmaster - pos 5 Undying 60% Winrate - 7.32e

March 17, 2023


Greetings & welcome to the guide created by an 6k+ mmr undying enjoyer with over 3k games on undying. Remember to leave a thumbs up and GL HF :)

This build is ment to be played by a Support Undying in the Safelane

It will also keep Changing/Getting Tweaked along with the meta

Dotabuff acount: .

My Undying Ranks
Open dota:

Skills Guide


In laning stage you want to spam decay as much as possible, turning yourself in to a massive hp meat shield for your carry and reducing enemy hp down to make them activate deathlust on zombies once you drop tombstone, prioritize on
decaying the offlaner since he will mostlikely try to kill creeps and will allow you to harras him.

In teamfights use decay to weaken enemies and tank up, remember to hit as many of them as possible.

Soul rip:

Skill at lvl 2 if you can secure a kill

Deals 112 damage with 10 units after reductions

Use rip to heal your teamates and tomb (if its effective) or use it to secure a kill.

Make sure to position yourself around creeps/units before using it.

Max damage/heal per lvl: 150/250/350/450

Agressive lane:

Use tomb to secure kills in lane once the enemy laners are at 50% or less hp and are far away from their tower.

Defensive lane:

Use tomb only when the enemy laners decide to comit to a fight so that they are going to be pressured to retreat or fight under tomb.


Try to put tomb on clifs in teamfights giving it evasion against ranged heroes and safety from melee heroes.

Tomb provides 1500 vision at day or night.
Flesh Golem:

Use Flesh Golem to gain a boost in hp, damage and movement speed. Then attack the enemy that your carry is focusing to increse the damage they take.

Always use golem before getting into a fight.

Talents Guide

+60 decay damage:

Use this extra damage to reduce enemy hp faster so that they reach deathlust threshold.

Now Decay deals 180 damage to heroes
Now Decay deals 360 damage to creeps

+20 zombie damage:

Around 66% bonus damage, sets it to 57 base damage.

This talent will shred the enemy team once the zombies gain deathlust.
-2sec decay cooldown:

Double the speed of stealing strength.

Steal 80/160 hp every 2 seconds.

Spamming decay with this talent will quickly deprive you of mana beware !

You get aegis every 5 min.

You can hold the skill point and then skill this talent at the right moment rather than skilling it right away and then getting killed in a bad situation.

Laning Stage Items


Get as many mangoes as you nede to win the lane.

Try to keep 3 in your inventory at laning stage.

1 mango = 1 decay

Remember to share with teammate if he needs it

Rain drops:

Helps you at avoiding benig bursted by nukes.

Can block from 300 to 720 magic damage over 6 charges.


Great item for sustaining yourself

Try to save charges for the perfect moment

Max charges restore 150 hp and Mana


You want to buy boots as soon as possible in lane to further enable your harassing ability.

Without the movement speed bonus you will slowly be dried out of your resources by the enemy laners and will not be able to do anything on lane without taking alot of harass yourself.


Great item for sustaining yourself

Try to save charges for the perfect moment

Max charges restore 300 hp and Mana

Arcane Boots:

Disassemble arcane boots once energy booster is neded to create the item that needs it.

Core items

Force Staff:

Use it to:

Save your cores from enemy heroes who want to lach onto them.

Force yourself onto an enemy when in flesh golem form

Force an enemy that capable of being killed when out of position towards your team.

Undying has no initiation or escape making forcestaff one of the best items on him.

550 cast range on allies.
850 cast range on enemies.

Lotus orb:

Use it to protect your cores or yourself from enemy spells and items.

Dispels only upon cast.

Common items its used against : Orchid, Vessel, Eblade, Atos, etc...

Provides great stats for undying.

Aghanims Shard:

Allows you to swarm a selected enemy with zombies while attacking them.

Can be used to take roshan if you lack rosh takers on team.

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