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fighter Monkey King

December 21, 2016 by tommy13t101
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super saiyan monkey king

DotA2 Hero: Monkey King

Hero Skills

Boundless Strike

1 4 9 10

Tree Dance

3 11 13 14 15

Jingu Mastery

2 5 7 8

Wukong's Command

6 12 16


Hero Talents

+350 Cast Range and Additional Wukong's Command Ring
-1 Jingu Mastery Required Hits
+55% Boundless Strike Critical Damage
0 Cooldown Primal Spring
+110 Jingu Mastery Damage
+450 Tree Dance Cast Range
+0.3s Boundless Strike Stun
+75 Primal Spring Max Damage


monkey king is the first new hero to be added to dota 2 who wasnt added to dota 1.
Unlike most melee Heroes, Monkey King has an attack range of 300, allowing him to attack other melee opponents without fear of retaliation.
Take advantage of Monkey King's ability to hop from tree to tree to retreat into the treeline around the edges of the map whenever he is threatened.
Pros for monkey king is that he is Tricky and elusive, Very mobile and is Reliable for damage.
cons include,Highly dependent on trees, Suffers long stun if he falls from a tree, Vulnerable to stuns, Requires consecutive hits to benefit from passive bonus.
his main roles will be as a carry or a ganker (can be both).

dont die early! (your team will hate you)

like with many heroes in dota, this goes without saying, please do not feed early. only join fights you know you can win. if you can not be killed until the late game then prepare for an amazing experience my friend. trees are your friend so make sure you stay near them as much as possible, i'm talking 95% of the time here. i don't personally do this (even though i probably should) using mischief right will save your life but remember you will move slower when using it. just remember you are a carry and you are monkey king so you will be a target for ganks since your late game is so good. Pray you have a support who can pump out wards to keep you safe.

be flexible

this is the build im most comfortable with but the situation may call for a change in formula. I mainly play monkey as a front line initiation and fighter (1 v 5 mainly by the late game). BTW once you get to late game and you have these items say goodbye to the enemy's towers since you will have decent attack speed and high damage also as long as you are hitting a tower while not getting attacked by other players you shouldn't have to worry about tower damage.

friends and foes

Friends include people that can help you early to get farm and levels. mid game you will start to set up team fights so healers and tanks should keep you safe but since you are the new hero who everyone is jealous they couldn't play as him this game so you will be singled out so its a good idea to not be the first guy in all the time. Late game you should be good if you followed the build and should be self reliant except for heals so make sure someone at least has a mek but if you are good at evasion you should be fine.

Enemies are people who can stun the living hell out of you and can silence you. so silencer and people with a stun such as Sven will give you a hard time. Axe may seem like an easy target especially since one of his ability's make you attack him which you want for life steal, but when he gets blade mail make sure to avoid him if possible. chaos knight and over illusion based heroes can really hurt how effective your ult is and continuing on him, chaos has a stun and his illusions will ruin your day if you are on your own.

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