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DOTA2 Console Commands

November 30, 2011 by LuvLes
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DOTA2 Console Commands

November 30, 2011


Hello I am Loveless and today, we will be learning how to open up the DOTA2 Console and edit settings in the game that are not select-able in the normal Game Options. None of these are cheats, just useful alterations that only affect the user. It's not too technical, but do make sure you don't go crazy with it.

Anyways, lets go ahead and get started.


To start off, in your Steam Library, find Dota 2 and right click -> Properties. Find SET LAUNCH OPTIONS under General and type in -console. Now hit OK -> OK and run Dota 2, when it is finished loading, you will see a big chat box looking thing.

This, is the console, there is one in just about every computer game that is worth a ****. It allows you to tell the game what to do, when you want it done. Now of course, it would normally be a huge thing for cheating, but luckily Dota 2, like many other multi-player games, are server-based which means people cannot edit the game during online play. However, anything that is client-side, which means things that only affect you and nobody else.

Here is a list of currently known codes and their use:

dota_force_right_click_attack #

    Disabled is 0(default), Enabled is 1. Denying creeps no longer requires you to force attack, it now only requires a right click.
dota_minimap_hero_size ###
    Default is 600. Sets the size of heroes on the minimap. Getting annoyed because they are too big? Set it to something else.
dota_disable_range_finder #
    Enabled is 1(default), Disabled is 0. When this is enabled, it will show the range of your abilities as if you were hovering over the skill, but instead when you are preparing to cast it. For blinking abilities, it draws a line from your hero to the mouse (this line does not stop, still handy for 100% accuracy).
dota_use_player_color #
    Enabled is 1(default), Disabled is 0. By disabling this, players will use their team color instead. A lot of players have been asking for this.
dota_health_per_vertical_marker ###
    Default is 200. This will tell the game where you want those black tallies in a health bar, useful for players who would prefer them at different intervals.
tv_nochat #
    Default is 0, Enabled is 1. This turns off Spectator chat.
con_enable #
    Default is 0, Enabled is 1. Makes it so when you close the console, you can still open it up without restarting by hitting your ` (grave/tilde) key again.
chat_join ____
    Type in whatever chat channel you want to join/create.
dota_camera_lock #
    Default is 0, Enabled is 1. This will make your camera follow around your hero.

Note that I did not add all the ones I found, because most are already accessible through the game options and people are still asking for them. Just go look for once.

To close the console, simply hit your ` key (grave/tilde).


And that's it! Not too hard now was it? If your friends ask how you did it, just send them on over to DOTAFire and have them read the guide themselves! ...Maybe even stay a while? ;)

If you have any guides you would like me to make, please feel free to PM me or post in this guide's comment section to discuss it with fellow DOTAFire members.

With much love and hate,

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