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Dendi Carry Earthshaker

August 9, 2013 by davetheneary
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


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Enchant Totem

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Echo Slam

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Dendi Carry Earthshaker

August 9, 2013


I saw the Natus Vincere vs It's Gosu game 1 a while back and I thought the carry Earthshaker build that Dendi used looked pretty fun. So I thought I would make a build for it so people could use it whenever they wanted to. (This build was made just for fun. I would not recommend using this build in a competitive or professional game)
Here is a link to the highlights of the game:

Here is a link to the vods of the match:


Starting Items:
-Tango+Salve: Fairly obvious - this is your basic health regeneration for the early game.
-Clarity Potion: This is an optional pickup for if you feel that you and your lane support can be very aggressive to try and get first blood so you can throw off multiple fissures. If you feel that you want to improve your last-hitting then you could also buy a quelling blade.
-Ironwood Branches: Just to give you better last hitting and health and also to be built into a magic wand

Core Items:
-Hand of Midas: A hand of midas is picked up in order to give you a big level and gold advantage when transitioning into the late game. However it is expensive and takes a while to pay for itself. Make sure to get this item in the first 8 minutes or just completely skip it. Also you should sell this item when it gets to the late game as it would become useless and a waste of an item slot
-Power Treads: Power treads are the boots of choice for this build as oppose to the usual arcane boots that are normally found on Earthshaker. This is because you will not be spamming many abilities other than maybe enchant totem. The extra stats and attack speed do not hurt either. If you are not finding much benefit from them late game you can sell them and buy boots of travel in stead. Also remember to tread switch to make the most of your mana pool when using abilities.
-Magic Wand: This really depends on who you will be laning against. If you are against heroes that use a lot of abilities then this would be a solid item choice as the burst regeneration could help you to escape some clutch situations
-Blink Dagger: A common item to see on Earthshaker. It helps you to keep your initiation power whilst still being able to make the most of your hard right-clicking power
-Black King Bar: This can be a very effective item it adds some decent stats but most importantly it can help you to survive teamfights. If you are against a heavy right-click lineup then it becomes a useless item as the stats gained are not worth the gold it takes to buy it. If you choose to skip this item then a good alternate item is a monkey king bar or a basher.
-Assault Cuirass: A very strong item for Earthshaker in terms of offence and defence. The attack speed granted by this item can help you to easily take on almost any hero 1v1. The armour aura can also massively benefit your team.
-Crystalis: This is picked up to combo with your bonus damage with enchant totem. With this you have potential to deal lots and lots of damage. If you find yourself with lots of spare money on top of your buyback gold then you can upgrade it into a daedalus.
-Aegis of the Immortal: If your team manages to take a Roshan kill and you are your team's "hard carry" then you should be the one to pick up the aegis to maxamise your damage potential with 2 lives.
-Town Portal Scroll: Make sure you have one of these at all times for the majority of the game. If you have finished your core itms then sell your power treads and buy boots of travel as oppose to buying tp scrolls


-Fissure: This is probably the most difficult ability of Earthshaker's to land but can be by far the most rewarding. If positioned correctly then it can be used to block the entire enemy team into an area where your team can either fight them or block the enemy team off so you and your team can make an escape. Just remember to position it correctly so that you do not hinder your team in any way.
-Enchant Totem: This ability by itself is not too powerful other than giving you a big damage buff. However, this skill in combination with Earthshaker's passive aftershock can help you to deal 125 extra damage and do a 1.5 second stun in a 300 radius around you.
-Aftershock: This passive ability synergizes very well with your three active abilities and can allow you to chain stun opponents in an aoe around you for quite a long time (4.5+ seconds if used correctly)
-Echo Slam: This is your powerful initiation spell and combines very well with a blink dagger. When using this to initiate try to blink right into the middle of the enemy heroes and if possible a creep wave. this will help you to deal maximum damage to the enemy heroes.

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