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Abaddon carry best carry

January 11, 2014 by Cleu
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Abaddon any lane carry

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

4 8 9 10

Aphotic Shield

1 3 5 7

Curse of Avernus

2 12 13 14

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


15 17 18

Abaddon carry best carry

January 11, 2014


Abaddon is a great support hero due to his passive curse, his aphotic shield that can remove even the nastiest of stuns and negative effects like battle hunger, and the fact that he can heal and damage others with his mist coil makes him annoying to lane against. However I do not personally think Abaddon should be limited to support, I see potential in him to be an unstoppable force.

Early laning

As this guild is only intended to be for carry Abaddon I highly recommend a quelling blade to make getting the last hits infinitely easier in early game due his his already high base damage at the start. Abaddon can lane in practically any lane and get the farm he needs. If you are experiencing trouble with some harass then just use your aphotic shield. Now after you've had a few last hits you should be level 2 and I recommend getting your first level into Curse of Avernus. As I've said before Abaddon has a pretty high base damage and with curse you can get your last hit easier and back away from harass fast with the passive buff movement speed. At this point you should have a Ring of Basilius and a Ring of regen which you will build into a vlads after you get your normal boots. I normally prefer to get phase and then vlads due to the fact that you can be a lot more aggressive and easily kick out the supports with your high base damage and early fast movement speed. However if you are getting harassed out of lane then keep within exp range as your rings should at least allow you to keep up a fair amount of hp with an aphotic shield.

TIP: If your laning with someone and they get stunned and the enemy is attempting to get that sweet succulent first blood, then toss out an aphotic shields as it can remove most stuns and status effects, even Mirana's 5 second long stun. However it only removes the effects AFTER it is casted so any additional stuns casted on him after the shield will stun him. Also it does not remove poison effects so beware.

Mid game

Now you have reached level 6 and you have phase boots and you should have vlads around this time as well. This means you can be aggressive and if you are sitting at mid, then go help gank a lane. With your ultimate up very few heros at this time can bypass your ultimate to kill you outright. So this means you can use an aphotic on yourself and use phase to maneuver around the enemy attacking from a pincer movement. If the enemies try to stun you then they can end up popping your shield dealing extra damage to themselves. All this time though you are laying into them with a high base attack for most heros at that level and slowing them in the process. This allows for your teammates to help stun and lock down heros making supports really easy to kill. If they are low and you have your ultimate you can even consider tower diving them provided too many of the enemy team don't teleport in to save their bacon. If they do teleport in then just backout as you have now created room for other heros to get some important gold. However if they do not recieve backup then by all means chase them in. If they are still within 200ish hp range and you are tanking the tower then cast another aphotic on yourself and give chase. The tower will end up popping the shield doing aoe damage to the enemy making it easier for you to finish them with an auto attack or if they are juking around the tower, a mist coil. TIP: when your ultimate is popped and your are healing from damage being dealt to your, toss out a mist coil before it ends as the self damage mist coil does will end up healing you. Be careful that you don't cast your mist coil right as your ultimate is ending otherwise it won't heal you and will give you self damage.
The early game ganks you can pull off with your high base damage, aphotic shield, and higher than normal movement speed will let you work towards parts of your next item Yasha and Sange. You can build them in whatever order you like, but because of the smaller cost of each individual piece it is easy to make even if you die once or twice. After you finish Yasha and Sange you will have more than enough manpower to solo rosh, however it will take you a while to solo and it's much more advisable to do rosh as soon as you get vlads with the help of a few teammates. SUGGESTION: If the enemy team has underestimated the abaddon pick and you are just stomping over them then in some cases you can go blink instead as it is incredibly fun to have a blink Abaddon, the shredder of the supports. The next item you'll be working for will be a skull basher, the skull basher will add on another 40 damage, some hp, and a good possibility for a real disable. However if you can't seem to land the bash then at the very least the extra damage will rip up any of their weaker heros allowing you to work towards your first really big item, the mkb, and that takes us to late game.

Late Game

Now mostly all the items you've build have given you health, speed, and most importantly damage. The next item you should build is an Monkey King Bar. The MKB gives you an extra 88 damage as well as an additional 20 attack speed. The combined might of an mkb and skull basher disable with your extra movement speed will give you and edge in combat as you can easily chase solo enemies. If they turn on you then they will need to commit a lot of mana and time to be able to kill you as with a single hit and a phase boots tap your movement speed is at 522 allowing for easy escape. The combination of a basher and mkb though should allow you to take out any heros relying on their aoe nuke for a big effect or burst spells to quickly rid themselves of enemies will find themselves in a load of trouble. Abaddon is flexible enough to initiate, cleanup, and even tank while dealing massive damage with this build as you can dive towers to get at big play making heros like warlock to potentially kill them or get their team to waste a lot of stuns and aoe to try and kill you off. Meanwhile your team can follow you up easily to help kill off the big play making hero that is locked down from your mini stun and skull to get an easy kill and secure the team fight. An abbysal blade after you mkb will cement the possibility of locking down annoying heros and playmakers making every team fight work out in your favor.

Dota is a team game

Now Abaddon is a spectacular specimen who works well with a large variety of heros. Some really good heros to have with Abaddon are heros that can give bonus attack speed or movement speed like ogres with bloodlust or beastmaster with his inner beast. However one of the funnest heros to play with Abaddon is Wraith King. With Wraith kings stun, passive aoe lifesteal, and ult you two are best of buds who can work each others weakness to an advantage. Abaddon with a vlads and Wraith King's passive stack granting a huge lifesteal bonus due to the fact that you both hit quite hard. Wraith King is generally a slow and with Abaddon's Curse of Avernus you can slow the enemy and grant bonus movement and attack speed to Wraith who can build an AC instead of you to further increase boost both's attack speed. What Abaddon lacks as a carry is a lockdown which can be simulated with an abby and mkb, however they take too long to build at once while Wraith King has a built in disable. In addition they both have an ult that lets them be extremely reckless and aggressive in fights allowing them to dive towers to start the fight and lockdown potential play makers.
There are some hero's that you need to beware as Abbadon however, such as Doom, Axe, and a few other heros with super high burst damage that will attempt to outplay you and make you either waste your ult, or try to bypass your ult. DO NOT FORGET that you can MANUALLY activate your ultimate early taking the enemy by surprise and giving you a strategic advantage. With this I'll say Happy Gaming and I hope you will try my build.

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