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6k Magnus pos 5 - Buff and Control 7.30e

February 16, 2022 by Mrki55
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Magnus Hard Support

DotA2 Hero: Magnus

Hero Skills


4 13 14 16


2 3 5 7


1 8 9 11

Reverse Polarity

6 12 18



Hero Talents

+1s Reverse Polarity Stun Duration
+10% Empower Damage/Cleave
+375 Skewer Range
+125 Shockwave Damage
-7s Skewer Cooldown
+12 Strength
+0.5s Shockwave Slow Duration
+10s Empower Duration

6k Magnus pos 5 - Buff and Control 7.30e

February 16, 2022


Greetings & welcome to the guide created by an 6k+ mmr Magnus enjoyer. Remember to leave a thumbs up and GL HF :)

This build is ment to be played by a Support Magnus in the Safelane

Note that its ment to be played in very high skill games since it requires teamwork and a fair degree of skill to play around

It will also keep Changing/Getting Tweaked along with the meta

Dotabuff acount: .



The main use for shockwave is to draw enemies towards youself to skewer them to your team, it cas also be used to slow them if you are chasing them.


Empower is used to increase the speed at wich your carry farms it is also used to give them a damage boost.

You can also use it yourself when depushing and farming core items it gives you 75% more damage and cleave.

Use skewer in lane to push enemies under your safelane tower it can be used to save your carry if neded.

Later in the game you will use it to grab important targets and drag them towards your team so they can burst them down.
Reverse Polarity:

Use rp to control the enemy and let your team burst them down while they are stunned and helpless.

You can use rp agressively but later in the game its recomended that you wait until the perfect moment the enemy cores or important heroes are vounrable. In higher ranked games cores like to wait untill you use rp so try to save it for the right moment if possible.

Remember that the stun peirces bkb.


+10 sec empower:

Empower lasts longer letting the carry spend more time away from you without worrying that the buff will run out and the other talent sucks.

-7 Skewer cd:

A great utility spell coming of cd faster ? **** yes!
+375 Skewer range:

Push an imporant enemy further away from his team and gain more range than aether lense ? **** yes!

+1s Reverse Polarity Stun Duration

+1 second of bkb piercing stun ? **** yes!

Item guide

Why boots lvl 1?

Beacuse you are dependent on positioning to cast your E

Remember to ship regen to yourself after runes are taken


You suffer from low mana gain and high mana cost so buy arcanes for mana!
Blink dagger:

Initiate on an important enemy, stun them and skewer them to your team.
Aghanims shard:

Interupts enemy actions and throws them behind you alowing you to push them to your team from eaven further away.
Aether lens:

Use arcane orb from arcane boots to create this item !

Extends the range of your initiation and skewer making you eaven more of a threat.

Do everything again
Aeon Disk:

If enemy has ways to prevent you from doing stuff buy this item.

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