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Modern TerrorBlade Builds

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sando » January 25, 2017 5:34am | Report
So I finally randomed TB yesterday and decided to give him a whirl. I mean, he's not that difficult to play, right? As it turned out, the team was pretty good - pretty good lane support from a Silencer and they seemed to tune into the idea 'I'm only going to push when Metamorphosis is online' pretty well. Knock load of all towers down, farmed like crazy, slapped hard. All good.


So, some thoughts, questions and general impressions:

- The skilling order I'm a little unsure about...maxing Metamorphosis seems pretty legit - bit more duration, lot more damage. But Reflection is also pretty funky. Up to 5.5 seconds of slow is good when you consider you can be hitting them really hard. Do most of you still max Meta first? Maybe you'd do Reflection in a heavy trilane battle, but generally not?

- My knowledge is pretty out of date on TB builds in the modern meta...I've seen people play a variety of different ones from (I think) a pretty ****ty Radiance/ Octarine Core one, to heavy damage based ones, with and without lifesteal.

- I started with a PMS and a few consumables and branches. With his high armour you're pretty much invincible to early auto-attacks. However, switched it round to Ring of Aquila later as mana seemed a bit of a problem. PMS is unnecessary?

- First item after Treads was Eye of Skadi (yeah game was going well, sub 20 mins). Mainly to keep Hamster happy, and also because it kicks ***. I followed up shortly after with a plain old Morbid Mask as the lifesteal seems pretty useful. Do people normally build lifesteal on him? I know you have Sunder, and some regen from skill tree, but it seemed a waste not to with so much damage in your hands.

- Knocked out a Manta Style, then Satanic, then Daedalus. Boots of Travel where on my mind. However, I think it was also one of those games where I could have built any halfway sensible items and still dominated. Thoughts?

- BKB on my mind, but never seemed necessary for this game.

- Is Hand of Midas desirable on TB at all? Farm speed seems good but not amazing.

- Do you normally build for split push, or fighting? Just a situational thing, or is one style generally stronger?
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Terathiel » January 25, 2017 6:40am | Report
TB's build doesn't really ever change, Aquila and Browns into Dragon Lance, Yasha, BoTs, Manta (in that order)

After that, usually a Skadi, and onto whatever the game needs.

Skillbuild is E-W-E-W-E-W-E-W-R. Metamorphosis and Conjure Image are too good at pushing and dealing damage to even consider anything else, and adding Reflection or God forbid Sunder taxes your mana too much.

Talents are +15 IAS, +175 Health, +15 Agility, +15 all stats.

Lifesteal is generally something you get later on if at all. It's good in some games, but I prefer a second Skadi most of the time. Daedalus is your best DPS item, but it's also massively overkill on damage and offers nothing else. That said... 5k dps when 6-slotted is a tempting prospect. BKB is very situational and pretty rubbish. Don't go Midas, it sacrifices your early-game too much and delays your pushing. Ironically, it probably slows your farm.

Terrorblade's playstyle is a strange mix of deathball and split pushing - you get Dragon Lance, trying to take the tower in your lane beforehand, and then deathball down all the tier 1s until you gain a space advantage, then split push to quickly farm up your items and create space for your team, and then resume deathballing once you've got a sizeable advantage and are too big to stop.
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