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Signature Request, With Deets.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Larry The Amphibious Shar » June 6, 2012 4:33pm | Report
Hey there awesome artists!

I was wondering if one of you could create for me a picture of a Starving Amphibious Shark! I have searched all over the internet looking for a picture, but I have yet to find one. Here's a description of one, taken from :

You can finally get a good look at them and immediately wish you couldn't. For one thing, they're huge fifteen-foot-long and squat, their bodies flattened down to the ground and slimy. Slimy. They're just constantly dripping with some kind of viscous gunk.

In place of pectoral fins, they have thick limbs like tree stumps, squat and webbed and slimy and terminating in very large, serrated claws. They have no hind legs, awkwardly dragging their long tails through the sand. Their mouths are gigantic, the absolute worst combination of Shark and Frog, their jaws hinged all the way back by their thick, muscular shoulders.

They have very small eyes located on the tops of their heads. It doesn't seem like they can see very well, they're just blundering around wrecking the whole place, awkwardly dragging themselves in and out of buildings or just chewing through support posts, sending the huts toppling down. Two of them are in the process of obliterating the Skinner's Hut, just shredding and swallowing everything they can find. The Inn and Blacksmithy are already wrecked.

I would truly appreciate any help you guys could give me with this endeavor.

Larry The Amphibious Shar

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