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Introducing MFN: Prime & New Perks!

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hades4u » September 4, 2020 6:16am | Report

Hey everyone, we're excited to introduce MFN: Prime to DOTAFire! 🔥

MFN: Prime is a subscription service that not only gives you an ad free browsing experience, but also numerous exclusive perks that brings your DOTAFire browsing experience to the next level. It has been a very successful service for years on MOBAFire and we've decided it's time to make it available for all DOTAFire fans as well! :)

Since our websites all share the same blood, subscribing to MFN: Prime will provide you with ad-free experience on any of our websites and all the Prime perks on DOTAFire, SMITEFire and MOBAFire.

MFN: Prime Perks & Features!

Ad-Free Experience - We know you dislike ads, who doesn't? Get Prime and never see an ad on our network again! Prime members enjoy a sick ad free experience that removes all 3rd party advertising while streamlining the interface. What's not to like?!

Extreme Stream Exposure - Prime member's streams get exposure to broaden your audience. While your stream is online it will display prominently at the top of your guides. Prime streams also get special highlights on all of our stream listings, and the most popular Prime member streams are featured at the top of our stream directory.

Signature and Comment Control - Hate Signatures? Turn them off! Couple of trolls annoying you? Hide them! Prime members can turn signatures off for specific users, or remove signatures from their browsing entirely. Authors can also auto-collapse unwanted comments on their own guides. Gain control of your MFN Experience!

Avatar Flair and Custom Profiles - Show off your support with Prime Avatar Flair and your own custom profile page! Spruce up your MFN presence and shout "I Love DOTAFire" to the interwebs. All Prime members enjoy an enhanced social experience.

Many of these features are not possible for everyone due to server resources, but with Prime we can provide more features to let you craft your ultimate MFN experience!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing what you plan to do with the new Prime features! As always, thank you for supporting us for all this time and for being awesome. Keep it up! :)
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