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Crownfall Act III and Collector's Cache

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Hades4u » July 10, 2024 2:56am | Report

Crownfall Act III and Collector's Cache

June 39, 2024 - Dota Team

June has come and, as it tends to do, now left us, probably forever. You'd be forgiven for forgetting all about crowns and them falling dramatically from the heads of fantasy birds and just enjoying your summer — slowing down, taking it easy, having a picnic at the beach or just napping for a while in a hammock. Well, we hope you enjoyed it, because July has come roaring into all of our lives, and with it, Crownfall Act III: The Frosts of Icewrack. In fact, the lazy, meandering intro to this blog post is probably all the lounging around your poor eyeballs are going to get. Even as this June-esque paragraph winds its way towards a rambling sun-dappled conclusion, Act III is ramping up, July-like, to be the most eventful act yet.

Act III comes with an entirely new overworld map, located in the frigid north. It has mysteries, no small number of monsters, quite a bit of snow, and one hell of a barroom brawl. (And, as always, some surprises you'll have to find on your own.) Act III also comes with the Crownfall Collector's Cache, featuring 16 of the highest-rated sets from the last community vote.

If you've been playing along through Crownfall as each act releases and want to jump right in to the new Act III content, you can start with Act III's intro comic, The Dragon, following Shen and her allies as they land in Icewrack, searching for Kestrel and his army. If you want a refresher on how we got here, you can also read the Act I intro comic, Ascension Day, and the Act II intro, The Battle of Hell's Basin.

If you're just joining in now, this is your reminder that all of the previous acts are still available, and will remain so through to the end of Crownfall. Speaking of which, given how much the event has grown since we initially imagined it (and how much its still growing), we've also decided to extend the event end date to October.

We're looking forward to the final battle with Queen Imperia. We'll see you there.
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