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Welcome back to DOTAFIRE's Community Spotlights where we interview and highlight members of the DOTA community! Today I'll be interviewing a friend of mine and longstanding DOTA player, Ghost.

He is currently the 71st best Anti-Mage player world-wide according to DOTABUFF. He peaked at 16th best world-wide according to DOTABUFF and 1st according to OPENDOTA. Ghost has personally taught me a lot about DOTA and I'm hoping you guys can learn something from him as well! If you have the time, check out his reddit post on how and where to ward.

Introduce yourself!

In DotA 1 I was Honey-Badger, the last 2.5 years I've been going by Ghost.

How long have you been playing DotA (both 1 and 2)?

I first got introduced to Dota 1 in 2008 by Cuttleboss, I think it was around patch 6.48. I didn't switch to Dota 2 until 2014, right after TI4.

Who is your favourite hero and why?

Definitely Anti-Mage. Conceptually I really like the hero since he can do things no one else can (built in mana burn, godly mobility, magic resist). His skill cap is also insane; if you play right, you win like 95% of games.

Can you give some advice to carry players who might be interested in climbing with Anti-Mage?!

AM has a very straightforward item and skill build and pretty generic laning mechanics, so it's all about your approach to the mid-game. Your response to pretty much every fight should be "I can go hit buildings now", not "I can join the fight to hit heroes now". Unless your ancient is in immediate danger, your contribution to the game is how well you can shove lanes and split push buildings. And if you pick into the right game, a lot of drafts have no way at all to catch you cutting lanes, so the only way to lose is if you're running into unnecessary fights. Aside from that a lot of it is just generic practice; game sense to know how long you can safely split push, laning mechanics to salvage even the worst of 2v2 lanes, and being able to identify who on the enemy team is a threat to you.

What do you enjoy most about DotA 2?

The depth is insane, I'm still constantly learning things every game. I also love the competitive aspect to it. A close game is pretty exhilarating, and there's nothing more satisfying than seeing I'm against some really high ranked players and then completely outplaying them to carry the game.

Speaking of other games - with the rise of other games, especially the return of First-Person-Shooter games like Fortnite and PUBG, where do you see DotA fitting into the esports scene in, say, 5-10 years?

I think DotA will always be king. It's got a huge learning curve, but once you understand what's happening it's incredibly fun to watch. PUBG is like 90% walking around looting things and 10% aiming; compared to DotA there's practically no cohesive storyline and very little strategy involved.

If you could change one thing about the game (pick order, remove a hero, etc.) to make DotA 2 even better what would you change?

Randoming shouldn't be allowed in ranked. It's supposed to be a serious game mode, and 1 bad random can totally ruin the game.

The International 8 just finished - what did you think of the tournament?!

It was my favorite one yet. Most of my favorite players (Aui_2000, Burning, some others) weren't in this one, so right after the group stage I started rooting for OG, but I never thought they'd win it all. That underdog cinderalla story was better than anyone could've hoped for. I would've loved to see a final grudge match of OG vs. EG in the grand finals but we already got a fantastic series out of them. Also wished AM was more meta so I'd get some games to study, but it was still a very entertaining TI patch.

What do you think of DOTA's newest hero, Grimstroke?

The balance patch helped, but he's still pre-nerf Earth Spirit levels of broken. Even just the level values of his spells - a 4 second silence (which is basically a stun, since you have to hit it) at level 1 is ridiculously strong. 1400 range 50% slow for 1.5 seconds is insane. He also has the best wave clear of any support in the game, if you don't have fantastic initiation he can solo stop a push. Plus conceptually I think his ult is pretty broken but I'll have to see it in action more since it's a totally new mechanic. I think he fills the exact same role as Earthshaker - pretty set on position 4, but can flex to 3/5 as needed.

Alright, that's all the questions I have. Do you have anything else you want to say to the people out there?

Not really.

Okay, thank you for your time!


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