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Hey everyone! :)

Players and teams from all across the world are still trying to figure out how to best play on the 7.07 patch. We're back with another tournament which is going to be the first we're doing for the new patch, this time on the US servers!

No more talking, gather your team or find one in our Matchmaking section and let's enjoy some quality DotA!

Registrations are open starting from today (November 11th) and will end Saturday (November 25th).
The tournament will begin Saturday (November 25th) at 21:00 CET / 12:00 PST.

What Can We Win?

The best three teams will win one of the following prizes:
  1. 5 $30 (USD) Steam Wallet Codes - $150
  2. 5 $20 (USD) Steam Wallet Codes - $100
  3. 5 $10 (USD) Steam Wallet Codes - $50

But that's not all, a random participating team will be picked to win 5x Treasure of the Emerald Revival.

How Can We Participate?

  1. Each member of the team must have a DOTAFire account.

  2. The captain must create the team on our website and have all team members fully registered and filled out on the roster (the invitations must be accepted via PM).

  3. Once all the players are on the team, you must register the team on our Tournament page.

  4. That's it! The last thing you have to do is check-in 30 minutes before the matches begin, so start practicing!

What Are The Rules?

All the tournament rules can be found here, but here are these are the main rules that you need to know before signing up:
  • The final match is best of three while all the other matches are single elimination.

  • The default server of this edition is US West. However, if both teams agree to play on another server (like US East for instance), they can do so.

  • You can have 2 substitutes for your team; however they must be announced to the opposing team beforehand.

  • This tournament is not limited only to the American players, anyone can join as long as they can play on the default server (US West).

  • There is no maximum number of teams that can register.

  • All the matches will be played throughout the tournament day.

Fine Print

  • Registration starts today (November 11th) and ends in two weeks from now (November 25th).

  • The minimum number of teams registered and checked in for the tournament to take place is 8 teams.

  • Open to registered DOTAFire members only. Not a member? Register now and create your team!

  • Tournament is worldwide, however the default server is US West.

  • Prizes are awarded through Steam trading.

  • Winners will be notified by email after the tournament is over and will have 7 days to claim their prize.

Feel free to ask any question about the tournament system or about the tournament itself. If you have any suggestion on how we can improve your competitive experience, please let us know.

Thank you all for joining, start practicing and good luck!
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