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[LOOKING] To Coach Any MMR

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Meta-Stick » May 9, 2016 9:10pm | Report
After setting the groundwork for this project, I've finally finished my college finals, and I'm able to get this thing back up on it's feet! Updated Post with all new information: 6/27/2016


  • Numerous Tournaments
  • Coaching upwards of 6.1k MMR
  • 1000+ Captain's Mode Games
  • 10+ Years of DotA

What To Know About Me

I've been playing for over 10 years, I've learned everything I really know in the past 3 years, and I've been coaching for 1 year. I follow a huge guideline example of various coaches, as I was coached myself for 2 years prior. As with every next generation though, I've taken what I've learned, and reapplied it in my own style, refined it. I'm here to help MMR of any skill level, because no matter how good you think you are, there's always something new to learn. Think about it for a good few minutes, and try to think of something you've learned at least every day, or every week in DotA. Now that you've done that, it's interesting to realize it's true, no? The meta, mechanics, and numerous heroes are the cause of this. As I've said, I've played for a very long time, but I'm still learning new things. What to do in certain hero match ups, interaction between specific heroes on parts of the games, weird in-game mechanics I never knew worked a certain way in a given situation. The possibilities are endless, and even if none of these are true to you, maybe it's a specific hero you want to learn, or mechanic you want to improve. Truthfully a 6k player could have a tiny hero pool, and yet want to learn something new. Most all-pick players have the mentality of being able to play anything because of innate skill, but when faced in a tournament setting, this fails to be the case. If it was indeed true that most players at high skill level could play any hero, then why are professionally paid players limited to a hero pool of more or less 10? It's because everyone pro knows their bread and butter, they know what they are good with.

How I Coach

If you want to do live coaching, and have it be ranked, you will need some form of livestream, like skype sharescreen so I can watch your team play one to one. If not ranked I can easily sit in as coach slot. I prefer coaching teams, but I am perfectly happy coaching individual players. My favorite way to coach, is to sit down on a skype call, and screenshare a replay I'm watching to discuss it together. Webcam is not necessary, nor is a mic, but they are appreciated.

What I'm Here To Improve

We'll do a run down when we first talk, and assess where your need for improvement is, but for the most part here is a partial list of some things we can cover. As stated previously, I'm here to improve a variety of skill sets depending on what you're missing in order of difficulty...
  • Basic Mechanics - Ex: Last-hitting, movement, stacking
  • Advanced Mechanics - Ex: Teamfights, positioning, time efficiency
  • Effective Teamplay
  • Improving Hero Pool
  • Expanding Hero Pool
  • Drafting/Captaining

Some miscellaneous skills...
  • Positive Attitude
  • Better understanding of other players
  • Confidence
  • Handling Your Team

Before you blame your slow supports, carries that can't last hit, or feeding mid lane, come to me first! Sometimes it's easier to point fingers, rather than figure out what really went wrong. Watching a replay can sometimes be embarrassing after realizing you were wrong! There's nothing wrong with that!


I cannot help a team not open to advice, or players full of themselves. Admitting you want to improve on something is perfectly fine! I more often than not find those players who believe they are god's given dota player, and cannot make any mistakes. I won't refuse to coach this, but I won't promise results either. Only players who can admit to their flaws, are the ones who will inevitably improve with practice. Don't let this scare you, as I can coach and help improve attitudes, not just gameplay skill. If you think you get mad too easily, or are too quiet and passive I can help with this as well, this of course being done more personally and private.

If you're ok with the disclaimer, and you're still eager to be coached, then go ahead and add me to your friends list, or use my contact information to get ahold of me.


Steam ID:
Steam Group:
Email: [email protected]

PS: After adding me, or contacting me on any of these sources, a first name introduction and what your goal or interest is, really helps me. Don't add me, and be shy, definitely message me if you've taken the first step to improving your gameplay.

If you've had me added previously, re-add me. To prevent backlogs of people who added and disappeared, I cleared the entire coaching section of my friends list.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Meta-Stick » May 12, 2016 3:28am | Report
Edited 6/28/2016:

Have met a manager, interested in putting together a team.

Here is the reddit post for those interested.


Posts: 2

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