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Hi I'm looking for a friend who can also double as a mentor my mmr is 1.7k my highest was 2.7 and I think I could be higher. I can easily last hit 4+ creeps per min, my main role is safelane carry but I can also play mid (DP, Invoker, DK, BS)now in RMM I've been losing alot (losing streaks) and dropped 400 mmr in the last week. I don't know why but I'll be laning and my teammates keep dying/feeding the enemy and in the end I am often the one with positive KD I think I can help somehow by contributing but I don't know... I would really appreciate if someone could watch me play a game and tell me what to do I would also like to play with u unranked or whatever. I also like playing "rat" heroes (TB,PL) but I can't seem to push base all by myself even with BoTs and ofcourse Late Game items I like maxing evasion instead of raw HP. I play EU/US servers mostly EU west. Thanks.

Additional Info :
- This is my first dota 2 account I've been logged in for 400 hours currently
- I played dota for 7 years now and know all the items and heroes
- Maybe I got 2.5k when calibrated because I was just playing for fun from the start and not trying hard so I got low mmr in unranked which made my ranked mmr low?


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