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Coaching [EU] & [US] 1 hour = ONLY 1 $ In Steam Items!

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Forum » Mentoring » Coaching [EU] & [US] 1 hour = ONLY 1 $ In Steam Items! 1 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Tajier » February 26, 2016 7:37am | Report
Offering bargain-priced trial sessions until May (school starts). Payment is PayPal or marketable steam items.
I'm online around 8am-1am +0 GMT time.
I play in a team and groups and I watch a lot of competitive matches, but I still have a lot of time that I like to use for coaching.

Solo MMR: 4400, but I havent been interested in grinding it as I like to play with coordinated, good stacks of players.

You can contact me through Steam or Skype to get to know me and ask any questions before you decide on taking my coaching :)

Steam: Skype ID: valtteri.jutila (Skype name is Somined Somined)


Hello, I am 23 year old dota player from Finland!

I have played Dota for 5 years with around 5000 matches under my belt.
I'm very knowledgeable of the game for all roles, but not extremely knowledgeable for any particular role.


I can for example help you to:

- Raise your MMR fast
- Master Roles and Heroes
- Improve your mechanical skills (micro) and game sense (macro)


Main coaching types:

Live Coaching - I will teach you a role/hero in real time, and teach you the best ways to increase your skill. This includes both mechanical skills and minimap reading.

Replay Coaching - I will teach you a role/hero through analyzing your replay, and teach you the best ways to increase your skill. This includes both mechanical skills and minimap reading.

Pro Game Coaching - Same as above, except we watch a pro player's pub (or competitive)


**Why is the coaching so cheap if it is actually as good as other paid coaches?**

I have done a lot of free coaching so far.

Due to popular demand and my goal to become a top coach in I want to keep on coaching, but I need to dedicate more time for my team and also starting school in 2 months.
I figured the best compromise for me is to take new students for a tiny price while accepting steam items.


People coached so far:
**21** - -
Sessions held:
**48** - -
Hours taught:
**81** - -


"Really great coaching session, would recommend to anyone!" - zagteam_


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