Team Icarus LF 3k-4k POS 4/5 Players

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Team Information:
Name: Team Icarus (Possible name change soon) MMR Range: ~3500 to ~4100 (Solo MMR)
Positions needed: 2
Tournament Experience: Battle Cup Victories: 6 (Tier 4-5) Requiem Autumn: (Former team name was Chronos Gaming)
Amateur Dota 2 Winter Minors:

What we look for in a player: (If you don't meet basically all of these/this expectations/criteria, please don't apply for this team)
    Watch a lot of professional Dota, whether it's watching Twitch streams of tournaments, watching pro players streams, or watching YouTube channels such as NoobfromUA, DotaTVRU, etc. (It'll also be really hard for you to talk to us as we use Twitch emotes a whole lot in the team discord) We need players who keep up with the meta and are interested in the pro scene, which leads to the next requirement.

    To join Team Icarus you need to have a genuine goal of being a professional Dota player, and not just "wanting" it, you have to have the drive and passion to pursue this dream. We need 5 players on this team that have intentions to one day meet IRL at a LAN or even potentially moving in together (years down the road of course), the point is, we are not a casual team, and by joining we want all 5 of our players to have intentions to go to TI in a couple years together.

    Please only apply for the team if you're 17 or older.

    This team is serious and active, but by no means is this a "professional" relationship between teammates. We've had problems with players joining us and wanting to be our teammate, but not our friend, and that led to disaster. It's just as important, if not more important to be friends with your teammates before teammates. (Just look at TI5 Secret xd) Be friendly and I'm sure we'll all get along wonderfully.

    Hopefully by next year we can have a couple of online tournaments under our belt and take a few days (to week(s) depending on how well we do) and play in a regional qualifier for a Major. For this to be anywhere near possible we need to practice together as 5 about 4-7 days a week. Obviously people have other things to do in their everyday life like school, work, relationships, etc, but if you can't fit lots of games into your week then please don't apply for the team.
    A definite schedule will be made once the final roster is chosen to fit the schedule of our teammates, but chances are that weekday practices will be some time between 2:30pm - 7:00pm (EST). The weekend practices will range anywhere from 9:00am - 10:00pm (EST). Like I said, a clear, cut schedule will be made once the roster has been finalized.

    Use Discord and have a functioning microphone, we’ve had problems in the past with people filling all of our criteria and joining our team, but they either don’t have a mic (which we really can not get around) or they didn’t like talking and preferred typing when they didn’t have to talk. This is not alright in our book, we need all 5 of our teammates to want to use their mic to communicate at all times (in-game anyways).

    Your Dota account should be between 3500 - 4500 (Solo) MMR. This 600 MMR window is set to get the most closely skilled roster we can get, to avoid anyone feeling like they under/over perform as a player compared to other teammates. (Unlike the previous 8 rules, some exceptions can be made if we think a player fits well into our roster. IE: If you're 3450 - 3499 Solo MMR or 4101 - 4200 Solo MMR then we don't mind you applying)

    Considering our team will consist of players between the ages of 17+, chances are we all will be finishing school in a few weeks to months. That said, we all probably live with our parent(s), so please only apply for the team if your parents are aware of your intentions of becoming a professional Dota player and they support you, allowing you to play 1-3 games on most days of the week for practice. Our concerns in this field stem from a former teammate always being restricted from playing by his parents.
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I added you guys on steam.
Steam Name PAWA, message me. I'm really interested to join your team! :)


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Still searching 3-4k support 4/5?


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If you still search 4/5 add me, friend id: 23077398 .

Thank you !


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