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Hello, I'm Socially Acceptable, and I've been wanting to make an amateur team comprised of respectful and relatively calm DOTA 2 players. My goal is to get five people together, of which, one person would be designated as the team leader, who can meet up online at least once a week (or more) to practice and maybe eventually participate in amateur tournies. The number one requirement on joining would be that you're respectful. I want teammates who are understanding and willing to forgive each other when we have bad games, and who don't lose their cool too easily. This is a game, after all. The second requirement (and one that can be negotiated) is that the minimum rank would be Archon, but I don't want to exclude anyone higher up from joining. Things like the name of the team, graphics, and roles can be determined once I have a good set of people who are interested. I would like to perform interviews/auditions tomorrow at around 12:00-14:00 (or 2pm) Pacific Standard Time, January 22nd. Please send me a friend request, reply to this post, or get a hold of me if you're interested, would like to join, or need more information. is my steam link. This is for North America, USwest.

Thanks in advance,
Socially Acceptable

Socially Acceptable

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Klownicus » January 9, 2019 9:18am | Report
Hello There,

I am interested in perhaps creating or joining a team of like minded individuals who have a grasp on the game. I have sent you a steam add.


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