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DOTAFire US East Inhouse discussion (not a signup)

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Poll Question:

What time (EDT) suits you best
Before 14:30 (this may clash with EU inhouse)
After 17:30 (someone else will have to host this)
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Xyrus » June 14, 2015 7:18pm | Report

Surpise, James Doakes!

With the possibility of an SEA Inhouse next week, I've decided, it's time to take the inhouses to 'Murica! ..which is basically Peru these days. 8{3

The server for the inhouse would be US East simply because it allows EU players to join in as well with reasonable ping (which helps since I'll probably be the one hosting). This is also why it's in EDT (Sterling time), since the US east servers are in Sterling, same as how EU inhouse uses Luxembourg due to Luxembourg servers.

The date I'm proposing for the 1st inhouse would be Sunday July 5th, or if people really want one sooner than that, Saturday June 27th (was gonna do July 4th, but then I remembered that's a national holiday in the states). Not gonna go earlier than that, since I want to gauge everyone's interest in the inhouse and then leave a couple of weeks for people to signup and check their schedules.

We can either have this running every 2 weeks in between the EU Inhouse, or alongside it. Again, this depends on the level of interst in a Murican inhouse.

What's with the times?

If we're going to host it before 14:30 EDT, then I can only host this inhouse on weeks when the EU inhouse doesn't run, but otherwise, I'll be up early enough to host it in the Americas' morning (my afternnon <}3 ). I'm willing to go as late as 17:30 EDT, but I'll need to sleep shortly after that, so 14:30 is the best time for me (OPs can vote too <}3 )

Post below if you're fine with more than one time, as well as whether Saturday / Sunday / both suits you most.

If you don't know what time the inhouse would be for you, use the POWA of Google below


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