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Trion the Brim Ripper

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » August 26, 2015 3:07pm | Report

Trion the Brim Ripper

(Create a hero with unique mechanic)

Hero Introduction

Trion here is a hero that I created for the third theme, a hero with unique mechanic. Well, let's cut to the chase and say his unique mechanic, he cannot auto-attack. This means that he cannot right click (the only normal attack he can do is deny), so how is he supposed to be played then? This is where the fancy things happen, he has an inbound skill called Rip. This skill allows Trion to attack directly in front of him instead of the usual right click, much alike to action games like DmC or Bastion, and that kind of game was my inspiration.

With Rip unique mechanic, all his skills and attacks are capable to have area of effect (albeit pretty small radius), thus allowing him to farm rather quickly and become a beast late game. This hero is intended to be a dangerous late carry, which focuses on his dual blade. When I say dual blade, I mean that this hero can choose how he want to attack after learning his third skill, with Somatic Rip or Mind Rip, that allows him to choose the damage output and debuff he wants to use. This is essential because his ultimate allows him to have different effect on the debuffs, using more Somatic Rip will essentially make him tankier, and more Mind Rip will lower his enemies' magical resistance, increasing his DPS when attacking with Mind Rip.

Despite his strong points (heck, he essentially has free BF), he has a rather essential problem: he cannot use Unique Attack Modifier. Yep, he cannot lifesteal, he cannot slow, he cannot reduce armor, nor can he proc chain lightning. This makes him dependant on his ultimate skill and huge base movement speed, which leads to the next problem: he is easily kited. Nonetheless, his high durability is capable to let him overcome most torture, and he will just keep getting stronger and stronger the longer the fight drags on while making his enemies weaker with his ultimate. This puts his enemy into a tricky situation where they have to burst him down, but failure to do so will mean them committing too much just for him to come out stronger. Nonetheless, he's very weak in early game since his single useful spell in early game is Nothl Entrapment that only disable without dealing any additional damage. Because of this, he should be quite easy to be shut down in early game.

P.S: I tried making him based on the Grim Reaper (obviously from the title), and thus I tried a different style of lore to make it rather eerie, do tell me your opinion on this please.
P.P.S: Anyone who can guess the inspiration of his name and initial idea will get a +Rep :P


Darkness, darkness, when it enshrouds the sky
Beware, beware, for he shall be passing by
A spark of violet, t’was the start of tragedy
A flash of blue, does foretell our agony

Shall you not heed this exhortation?
Shall you not fear the undoing of creation?
For he is shrouded in the canvas of universe
And pride of man’s armory his eternal curse

He simultaneously walks the planes of the world
One in the realm of light and darkness whirled
Two in the maze so narrow under the scape
Oh listen to the souls wishing to escape!

And three in our world so petty, ripped open a brim
So now you would run and weep, hide and scream!
No one could survive his power, so just tremblingly whisper!
Whisper as you utter his name, Trion the Brim Ripper!


Faction: The Dire
Primary Attribute: Agility
Attack Type: None
Roles: Carry, Disabler, Durable

Str: 90 at 25 (23 + 2.8/level)
Agi: at 95 (23+ 3.0/level)
Int: 65 at 25 (17 + 2.0/level)

Health: 1537 at 25
MP: 845 at 25
Armor: 18 (5 base armor + 13) at 25
Movement: 325
Range: 0 (Cannot auto-attack)
Base Damage: 56-60


[D] Rip: Trion swings his blade, ripping enemies in front of him and dealing physical damage equals to his current damage in a half-circular radius of 200 points in front of him. This skill has 2 seconds cooldown that is reduced by Trion’s attack speed. This skill is inbound skill and doesn’t need to be leveled.


[Q] Nothl Entrapment: The Brim Ripper rips the brim of physical realm, causing a part of it to overlap with the Nothl realm. This skill creates a buff on Trion that causes any enemy unit damaged by his next Rip to be stunned for a short duration. After stunned, all affected units will receive two debuffs, one that stops HP regeneration and another that stops MP regeneration. If Plane Rift is active, any enemy unit passing through the rift created with this skill will also be affected by this skill’s effect. Each instance of Torn will increase the duration of HP stop, while each instance of Detached will increase MP stop.

- 1.6 second stun, 3 seconds base duration
- 1.9 seconds stun, 4 seconds base duration
- 2.2 seconds stun, 5 seconds base duration
- 2.5 seconds stun, 6 seconds base duration

Type: No Target
Affect: Self
Pierces Spell Immunity: No

Mana Cost: 120
Cool Down: 15 seconds
Buff Duration: 5 seconds
Debuff duration increase: 0.2 seconds/instance

Just a moment in the Nothl realm can hinder the mind and body of any soul


[W] Plane Rift: The Brim Ripper uses his power to rip a hole between the planes, causing any attack he does to create a rift in the plane. This skill is a toggle skill that drains MP whenever Trion uses Rip, and it causes the Rip radius to continuously deal damage instance to any enemy unit passing through the radius. This skill will create different rift for Somatic Rip or Mind Rip. Each individual rift stacks with another rift and lasts 4 seconds individually, and each damage instance will add a Torn or Detached instance to any damaged unit according to the rift type.

- 2 instances of damage/second
- 3 instances of damage/second
- 4 instances of damage/second
- 5 instances of damage/second

Type: Toggle
Affect: Enemy Units
Damage Type: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes
MP Cost: 30 per attack
Damage: 10% damage

Ripping a hole in the plane is a bad idea, and keeping it open is even worse


[] Scourge of Underscape: Trion uses his experience in the Underscape to empower his enchanted blade. This skill changes Rip into Somatic Rip and Mind Rip. Leveling this skill will passively increase the radius and reduce the base cooldown of Somatic Rip and Mind Rip. In addition to that, this skill also grants bonus damage resistance to Trion and an instance of Torn or Detached to anyone who damages Trion according to the damage type.

- 260 radius, 1.9 second cooldown, 8% damage resistance
- 290 radius, 1.8 second cooldown, 12% damage resistance
- 320 radius, 1.7 second cooldown, 16% damage resistance
- 350 radius, 1.6 second cooldown, 20% damage resistance

Type: Passive
Affect: Self, Enemy Units
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

The scourge of Underscape, he is capable to cut through mind as well as body


[D] Somatic Rip: Trion swings his blade, ripping enemies in front of him and dealing physical damage equals to his current damage in a half-circular shape in front of him. This skill has a cooldown that is reduced by Trion’s attack speed. This skill is leveled once Scourge of Underscape is learned and replaces Rip. Any damage dealt by this skill will create an instance of Torn that has 15 seconds duration.

[F] Mind Rip: Trion swings his blade, ripping the mind of enemies in front of him and dealing magical damage equals to his current damage in a half-circular shape in front of him. This skill is leveled once Scourge of Underscape is learned and shares the same cooldown with Somatic Rip. Any damage dealt by this skill will create an instance of Detached that has 15 seconds duration.


[] Divided Trinity: The Brim Ripper’s mastery of his power allows him to rip through the brim of enemies’ spirits, allowing him to use their weakness to his advantages. This skill will change Torn and Detached into debuffs that steal affected units maximum HP and magic resistance for Trion, respectively based on the number of Torn and Detached. In addition, this skill increases the duration of Torn and Detached debuffs.

- 4 HP each, 0.2% magic resistance each, 30 seconds duration
- 6 HP each, 0.4% magic resistance each, 45 seconds duration
- 8 HP each, 0.6% magic resistance each, 60 seconds duration

Type: No Target
Affects: Enemy Units
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

The spirit of a man cannot bear his brokenness, but for a ripped spirit who can survive it?

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