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The Garr and The Tiant.

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » The Garr and The Tiant. 2 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Smuggels » October 24, 2014 7:49am | Report
The crackle of the fire and the hiss and spit of the pig as it slowly roasted filled the old hut but were drowned out by the boisterous noises coming from outside, causing jermiah to peer out his dusty and cracked window. Shouts and screams could be heard, though not ones of pain, they appeared to come from a bundle of dirty shirts and ruined smocks tumbling around in the veggie garden. upon closer examination a pleased smile crossed his face, jeremiah realised that that bundle was his grand children come to visit from the town below. hurrying outide to forestall any serious injuries he pried the 3 boys and two girls apart.

"here now whats all this about?" he scolded the red faced children.

immediately a mass of noise erupted from sorry bunch.

"STOP" jeremiah loudly exclaimed "ENOUGH i dont want to hear it"

"come inside now and i might be inclined to allow you some of my pig"

with a wave of his old arm he beckoned his grandchildren into his home.

shuffling in after them he saw they were all sat on the rug next to the fire chewing contently on crackling the previous fight completely forgotten. chuckling to himself at the speed at which the young forget he settled his old weary bones into his favorite chair and busied about getting some pig onto his plate. slowly he turned back to the children and saw that they were all sat attentivly facing him with expectation written across there faces.

"What? What is it that you little trouble makers want now hmm? im guessing a story isnt it? yes? a story well fine ok a story it is then !!"

Jeremiah hummed and ahh'd wondering which one to tell. looking upon the excited youthful faces before him he suddenly knew which one to tell.

"hmm ok now are you all comfortable? yes? Good! i shall begin...."

In the deeps of this plane on this very world where the ancients thrive. there was an desert, a vast and grand and dangerous desert. Its width was so great that no one had ever crossed it before, and it was filled with such an assortment of creatures and animals that any who tried died the most horrible deaths. At the very heart of this great desert there was a mountain of stone one that reached into the very heavens themselves. From the edges of the desert, travelers could swear that it disappeared into the sky and tickled the moon. but as with any place on this world it was completely free from humans. sitting near a shady oasis lived the Garr family the last surviving members of the once great Garr Tribe. the family comprised of 3 brothers Shai, Kai and Toi and their father. they knew the ins and outs of the great Desert and lived in harmony with it. they traveled it unimpeded by the creatures and lived a harsh but happy life. to them the desert was The Garr Desert.

Unknown to them they were not the only humans to live in the Great Desert. High atop the great Mountain lived the Tiant family, the last surviving members of the Tiant Tribe, A mother and her two daughters Lai and Mei. To them the Mountain was their world, they hunted the many birds that used it to roost and very rarely went down to the desert floor, to them it was The Tiant Mountain.

now as the season passed and the boys grew stronger the day of their god was coming. As all members of the Garr tribe had done in the past upon their 18th birthday they were to go out into the desert with no food and no water for 3 days and what ever god saved them they would then dedicate their prayers and life too.

it was around this time that the two sisters were getting restless on the mountain and wanted to know what the desert was like so together they hatched a plan to steal away in the night and climb to the base of the Tiant and see what they could find...

"awww Grandpa Why di you stoppp???" came the chorus of whines.

"because you ungrateful midgets i hear your parents coming up the path and they wouldn't want to know you had been fighting hmmmm?

the sudden silence and hurried nods of agreement brought a happy smile to jeremiah's face.

"now if your really good ill finish the story tomorrow ok? Good! now ... off with you!"



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » October 24, 2014 5:25pm | Report
The last paragraph is just another way of saying "Part 2 coming soon".

And... Oh, a love story? What?
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Late credits to Janitsu for the sig


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