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Steamy-The Battle Tank

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by jazeera » June 17, 2017 5:40am | Report
Steamy-The Battle Tank

STR 110 at 25 (26+3.4/level)
AGI 103 at 25 (23+3/level)
INT 82 at 25 (20+2.5/level)
Health 2090 at 25
Mana 902 at 25
Damage 52-72
Armor 3.22
Movement 305
Attack Type Ranged (650)
Role(s): Support,Initiator,Durable

Q - Shrapnel Bomb (Point)

Steamy set invisble bomb that can be activated manualy,or when enemy come nearby.The bomb will detonate releasing shrapnel that damages and slows multiple enemies.

MS Slow: 15/30/45/60%
Slow duration: 3/4/5/6 second
Units slowed: 2/3/4/5
Damage: 120/240/360/480
Range: 750 aoe
Aoe of bombs: 150/300/450/600
Maximum bombs: 2/3/4/5
Mana cost: 85/85/85/85
Cooldown: 30/25/20/15 seconds

Damage and slow doesn't stuck from multiple bombs.

W -Nuclear Fusion (Passive)

Increase move and attack of Steamy and all friendly heroes in x aoe and gives chance to mini-stun enemy on next attack and do some extra damage.

MS increase: 20/25/30/35%
AS increase: 20/25/30/35%
Ministun chance: 10/15/20/25%
Ministun duration: 0.5/1/1.5/2
Ministun extra damage: 25/50/75/100
AS and MS aoe: 600

E - Uranium Shells (Toogle/Target)

Steamy fires special uranium shell that damages multiple enemies.

Damage to main unit: 90/180/270/360
Targeting range: 550
Aeo splash damage : 20/25/30/35%
Mana cost: 90/90/90/90
Cooldown: 25/20/15/10

R - Lock and Load (Active)

Increase Steamy's hp,armor,damage and spell resistance for certain ammount of time

Hp bonus: 4/5/6
Damage bonus: 75/100/125
Armor bonus: 4/5/6
Magic resistance: 20/25/30%
Duration: 15/20/25
Mana cost: 250/200/150
Cooldown: 180/160/140


Level 10 +10 strength/+250 mana
Level 15 +15% Mini stun chance from Fusion/+50 damage
Level 20 +20% Evasion/+15 All Stats
Level 25 +25% Spell Lifesteal/-40s Lock and Load cooldown


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