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Spyro - Lava Spawner

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by neurotoxin » June 30, 2013 7:11pm | Report
My fourth hero

Spyro - Lava Spawner

Str: 16 + 1.75
[Agi]: 22 + 2.58
Int: 17 + 1.6
AS: 1.33s
MS: 295
Ar: 2
Dmg: 49 - 54
Range: 475

*Q: Lava Minions: Summon 2 lava minions under his control, have 1.25s base attack time with average 35/41/50/62 attack dmg and 225/275/325/375 HP and 2/3/4/5 Ar. Last 180s
CD: 25/24/23/22
MP: 125

*W: [Passive] Lava Pellet: Count on current enemy unit in attack range, each creep +1 to his dmg and split attack to all of them without reducing any dmg, the bonus dmg count +4/5/6/7 dmg on each enemy hero.

*E: [Passive] Order Of Pyrelord: Each lava minion under Spyro's control gain him 5/7/9/11% AS. After this skill is added, all lava minion have passive ability to reduce 2/3/4/5 Ar when attacking enemy, this spell also give Spyro ablitity to reduce 1 Ar each attack on 1 unit with max 8/10/12/14 stacks. Last 7s ar reduction

*R: [Magical] [Target Point]: Call down 3 waves of meteors that explode deal 75/125/150 dmg and contain 2/3/4 lava minions have current power at skill Lava Minions. Each waves stun enemy for 0.2s then slow 65% AS 25% MS and deal 20/25/30 dps in 3/4/5 slow duration. AoE = 425
CD: 100
MP: 200
CR: 475

Please leave me commend and let me know what thing have to fix and make it goes better or i will:p


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