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Spirit Sister Agna

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » August 6, 2014 1:16am | Report

"The high seats sat in their throne and left the world to rot. A traitor I may be, but in the very least i still cares"

The earth was created. Animals; birds, insects, tigers wanders its homeland in search of a way to live. Though life and death is the basics of the earth, they still live harmonically with the trees, elements, and the spirits. For Nature, the wildlife is its residents, the elements are its life form, and the spirits are protectors.
When mankind comes to conquer, ravage, and destroy, the Spirits come to protect it. However, though the spirits have won many wars with outer invaders, like demons for one; they do not want to fight man, who is an enemy yet also a resident of the earth. And so, they created the Protectors, like Rooftrelen the treant. However, unlike the spirits, the Protectors doesnt age well. They had grown weak and weary.
One of the sisters, Agna suggests that they fight evil man by themselves. However, the spirits of the High Seat, knowing man's arrogant nature, do not want to show themselves to man. Agna's idea was left, and the Protectors are still weighted by their burden. Young and revolutionary, she break the spirit law and venture to the mortal land.
The High Seat hunt her for her life, commanding to not spare her. Though considered a betrayer by the High Seat, her fellow young spirit friend think of her as a hero; a savior.

Role: Support, Durable

Base health: 454 (regen: 0.8)
Base mana: 325 (regen: 2)
Base armor: 2
Base damage: 39
Base movement speed: 300
Base attack speed: 1.7
Vision range: 1500/1500

STRENGHT: 16 (+1.8)
AGILITY: 16 (+2.1)

[(1) Spirit Bond

Type: Target unit, ally

Binds the soul of you and a target hero. 5% damage taken by bind hero will be transferred to you. For each hero bind, each hero gained 5% magic resistance (assuming a bind hero's resistance is not less than 5%). Will break after a range threshold.
Range (cast): 800
Range (break): 1100
Max hero: 2/3/5/8
Duration: 25
Cooldown: 4
Mana cost: 75
(Each use refreshes duration for all bind heroes.You can bind illusions)

"Much like Io, the Wisp, Agna links her allies, increasing their endurance"

(2) Nourish
Type: No target, self

Spirit energy channels to and within Agna, regenerating health and mana over time. Affects bind and merged allies.
Health regen: 1.5/2/2.6/3.2% over time
Mana regen: 5/10/15/20
Duration: 15
Cooldown: 45
Mana cost: 165/180/195/210

"Spirit energy channels to Agna, applying powerful regenerative energies to her and her allies"

(3) Ethereal Form
Type: No target, self

As a spirit, Agna has the ability to turn ethereal at will, immune to physical damage while take more magic damage. If used while merged or bind, the merged or bind hero would turn ethereal as well. Costs mana over time, and increases for each etherel units.
Mana cost: 80 + 65/50/45/35 for each unit (including you)
Amplify damage: 40/36/32/26%

"Albeit trying to turn into mortal form, Agna is still able to turn to her old self."

(4) Merge
Type: Target unit, ally

Merge the soul of you and a targeted hero, entering his/her body. When merged, 30% damage taken by the hero is transferred to you. While she is merged, she could still use her abilities, but not items.
Range: 1000
Duration: 25/35/45 or until one of you dies
Cooldown: 30/20/10
Mana cost: 250
(When using Ethereal Form while merged, half of the 30% physical damage transfer will be removed.
Physical damage will be reduced based on the merged hero armor, but magic resistance would stack beetween Agna and the hero.
You could merge to another hero while merged.
Vision range will use the farthest vision beetween you and the merged hero
You can select yourself by clicking the blue orb over the ally's head, which is not visible to enemies, but it is to allies)

"Agna turns one with her ally, giving it spirit-like power"

(5) Unmerge
Unmerge yourself and your ally.

(Earned when you are merged)


-Incredible at keeping allies alive, with nourish still useful even during battle
-Scales okay to the late game
-Can bind illusions (but not merge them), making it even tankier
-Have balanced vision during night and day
-Amplified damage from Ethereal Form can be removed with magic resistance share from Spirit Bond
-Very resistance to magic with her spells
-Keep casters to casting with Nourish, also increases their survivability
-Merge a carry, and make you and the carry very tanky (armor from merged hero, resistance is stacking)

-Requires a LOT of mana items
-Can't use items while merged
-Prone to disables
-Prone to early ganks
-Need allies to be tanky (solo farm is no no)
-Needs good communication (pub game is no no)
-Bad agility and strenght
-Bad early game

Leave a rating, review, comment, +rep, and have a good game. Thank you!
Don't Worry, Be Happy

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Draco02 » March 19, 2015 12:26pm | Report
Bella shatters the ground, creating a pit surrounded by impassable terrain. Does damage and causes some knock up when the pit both forms and ends. The only way to exit the pit is with teleporting and blinking abilitys. Also, Sesimatic Wave will work on all units in the pit.

DaRe DaViL


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Unscathed » March 20, 2015 6:19am | Report
lmao my super old thread where noone replies is necroed.

Hey, while were here, thougts?
Don't Worry, Be Happy

Late credits to Janitsu for the sig


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