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Sly (Pantheran Assassin)

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Sly (the Pantheran Assassin)

Within the seediest circles of ruthless thugs, thieves and mercenaries, assassins tend to hold the status of being the most professional and efficient. People who have a natural cold killer instinct, a primal predatory nature always make the best assassins. Sly, as his professional handle suggests, is a stealthy assassin who made his way to the battle field of the Radient and Dire ancients to secure further fame and fortune. Being part of a race of humanoid pantheras, his strength, agility and killer instinct are matched by few others. He resembles part of a specific breed of Leopard like pantheras, displaying even greater strength and an even colder nature.
Play Style: Melee Carry with good initiate/escape stealth abilities, has decent sustain for longer fights and decent burst for securing kills.

Base Movespeed: 290
Attack Range: Melee (100)
Primary Stat: Agi
Int: 1+
Str: 1.8+
Agi: 2.2+

[Q] Shadow Step

Sly feints through the shadows, performing a short range blink and becoming invisible for a short duration, while also leaving behind a decoy illusion at the location Shadow Step was cast from. The illusion only lasts a very short time and deals no damage. The next attack Sly makes out of this invisibility applies a debuff to the enemy for a short duration. The debuff changes depending on the enemy's attack type, ranged or melee. Ranged enemies are immobilized for a short duration and melee enemies are disarmed for a short duration.

Spell Immune: No
Cast Range: 350/400/450/500
Invisibility Duration: 5 Sec
Ranged Debuff Duration: 2/2.25/2.5/2.75 Sec (Immobilized)
Melee Debuff Duration: 2.25/2.5/2.75/3 Sec (Disarmed)
Illusion Duration: 2 Sec
Illusion Damage Taken: 200%
CD: 15/13/11/9 Sec
Cost: 80/90/100/110

[Note: The illusion is controllable, but cannot deal damage, including item damage (eg. Radiance).
The invisibility buff can be removed by basic purges.]

[W] Predator's Fury

Embracing his natural lust to kill and a life time of combat experience, Sly enters into a brutal killing mode for a short duration, increasing his Attack Speed and Dodge Chance.

Spell Immune: Yes (Self)
Attack Speed Increase: 100%
Dodge Chance: 100%
Duration: 2/3/4/5
CD: 12 Sec
Cost: 100

[Note: Can only be dispelled by strong dispels.]

[E] Leopard's Grace [Passive]

Using his natural agility and cold concentration during combat, Sly generates charges of a self affecting buff over time, each time he attacks or takes damage an application of the buff is consumed. Each stack of the buff effectively increases his next damaging attack and reduces the next source of direct damage he would take. This move can be toggled to either proc against all enemies or to only react to enemy player controlled units.

Spell Immune: Yes (Self)
Max Stacks: 3/4/5/6
Damage Increase: 50%
Damage Reduction: 50%
Stack Generation Time: 12/11/10/9

[Note: The damage increase only applies to Sly's basic attacks, not item damage.
The damage reduction buff only responds to direct damage (includes direct item damage, eg. Dagon), Dots and area of effect damage bypass this effect.]

[R] Cheat Death [Passive]

Sly uses his elusiveness to perform incredible feats of agility and deception. If any source of damage would kill Sly, Cheat Death is automatically activated. Sly's death is prevented and he immediately regenerates a flat amount of hp and mana. He is also made invisible for a short duration while leaving an illusion on 10% hp at the activated location. The illusion takes extra damage and cannot deal any damage, including items. Sly also gains a flat amount of Move Speed while Ceath Death is off cool down.

Spell Immune: Yes (Self)
Invisibility Duration: 5 Sec
Health Restored: 100/200/300
Mana Restored: 50/100/150
Move Speed Bonus: 15/30/45
Illusion Duration: 2 Sec
Illusion Damage Taken: 200%
CD: 60/45/30 Sec
Cost: N/A

[Note: Being silenced will stop Cheat Death from activated.]



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