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Sleyd-The Dark Fury

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by DISTRACTER2002 » June 24, 2014 12:50am | Report
Im thinking of a hero whit:
×Large attack speed and low damage [this is a bad thing,cant chase well)
×Chasing and escaping mechanism [ Pro ]
×A "ORIGINAL" ultimate

So i thought of Sleyd.
Its a guy,grey longer hair (covering his right side of the face)
A mask on the right side of the face.
Has grey eyes,and a long black suit...
A large sword attached whit something into his veins(on the hand) (the sword is black n fading blue)

Has 10 Str=340 Hp
Int=20=260 mana
Agi 27 so has 3,8 armor

has 2,1 str gain,1,3 int gain and 2,7 agi gain.

Deals 21 damage and has 0,80 attack speed


Q=Force 30 mana 10/7/5/3 cooldown and deals 90/130/150/200 % of your damage and does 5/10/20/31% slow

(toggle)W=His main ability (that defines him) Eye of the storm. Makes sleyd dissapear on the map till attacks,
to be invisible for 5/10/15/20 sec,has increased movement speed for 10/20/30/50% for 10/25/30/50 sec,and 20/30/40/50 PROCENT MINUS damage take and give. Mana=120/140/160/200 Cooldown: 100/70/50/30 When not invisible you are visible in range of MINUS 10/20/30/35 % vision range as on night

E= Hand of the Fury makes a hand from shadow knocking enemy in the direction it is going (and dealing damage)its a chaneling spell you cant change the direction of the hand but can change the way its going (on D) and that costs 30/40/50/50 mana like ->>> (enemy) press D enemy <
Deals 50/100/125/200 damage in 4 sec-s of chaneling (HAS A CHANSE TO BLAST 100 DAMAGE AOE)
Mana: 70/80/90/90

D=Path-Changing the way of the hand

F- Passive Adds pure damage from 30/50/60/70 % of your Agi

R=LOCK-This is a special ultimate.Sleyd locks a place and can go in a circle of that place in 3000 range (adds 5/10/25 % more movement speed) and if hits an enemy in a 3000 range from the LOCK he deals 300/400/500 life drain and teleports enemy into the locked place. SCEPTER UPGRADES +1000 Range. Mana cost 100/130/160 Cooldown 150/100/50 scepter cooldown 100/80/30

Thats it for The Sleyd Maby needs more work cuz his too op.


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Usman123 » March 10, 2015 10:36am | Report
Wulfstans legends are murky and are so hard to come by that i traveled far and wide for many a year to even find the smallest piece of knowledge about Him. Finally i came upon a broken Metal tablet that looks thousands and thousands of years old it tells of the Old gods, The lost Gods, The New Gods and the One Above All. Finally i thought to my self as i slowly dusted the metallic object clean, i will now know more about them.
DaRe DaViL


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