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Skrounge (The shadow necromancer)

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Skrounge (The shadow necromancer) 2 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by corin » November 14, 2016 2:35am | Report

Skrounge The Shadow Necromancer

Skrounge is a master at using dark magic, he has performed the most difficult necromancy spells and undergone the most dangerous rituals in order to gain power. He uses shadow magic to assault his enemies in ways that leave most other dark mages in awe. By giving up most of what makes him human, he has gained the rare ability to cross over into the realm of the dead and learned to understand and communicate with strange spectral beings that are deeply mysterious and almost unknown to all others. Skrounge uses his abilities to demonstrate the potential that dark magic and the spirit realm have to offer to any would be mages, it is understood by some that he intends to start a kind of school or cult of dark mages. It may be to start his own dark army, or he may just want pupils he can readily use for sacrifices in future rituals and demonic pacts. What is known for sure, is that Skrounge uses the conflict between the Radient and the Dire as a platform to demonstrate his power.
The play style for Skrounge is a close ranged magic damage dealer, capable of dealing consistent aoe damage and has unique survival strategies to compensate for being close to the action.

Base Move Speed: 290
Attack Range: 500
Primary Stat: Int
Int: 2.6+
Str: 1.4+
Agi: 1+

[Q] Dark Wave

Skrounge fires a wave of dark energy at target direction. It deals damage to all enemies in its path before returning back to Skrounge's current location, striking all enemies in its path again. The return path can be disjointed if Skrounge is more than 1500 away from the dark wave, stopping the ability from continuing. Each enemy can only be hit once by the waves first strike and once again during the waves return strike. The wave moves at a set speed and ignores all terrain objects and trees.

Damage Type: Magic
Spell Immune: No
Travel Distance: 700/800/900/1000
Travel Speed: 400
Damage: 125/175/225/275
Wave Width: 350
CD: 12 Sec
Cost: 170/180/190/200

[W] Leech Pulse

Skrounge lets out dark pulses of energy that tap into the souls of enemies around him, damaging them for a percentage of their vitality and restoring his mana from this damage. This ability is a toggle ability and provides a mana restoring buff each time it deals damage.

Damage Type: Magic
Spell Immune: Yes
Damage: 0.5%/1%/1.5%/2% (Of enemy max HP)
Radius: 350/375/400/425
Pulse Intervals: 0.5 Sec (Twice per Sec)
CD: N/A Toggle
Cost: 50 + 5% (Of Max mana per pulse)

Mana Restore Buff
Duration: 2 Sec
Max Stacks: Infinite (new applications stack but do not refresh the duration of older stacks)
Mana restored: 100% of damage dealt over the duration.

[E] Spectral Guards

A small retinue of phantasmal warriors surround Skrounge at all times, guarding him with unflinching devotion. The guards ignore all terrain and obstacles, they are completely immune from all damage and ill effects and cannot be targeted or controlled by anyone. The guards will only ever attack enemies within a very close range to Skrounge (the closest enemy first, prioritizing heroes and then player controlled units), the guards have a flat Attack Speed that cannot be effected by buffs or debuffs and deal damage equal to a percentage of Skrounge's own total attack damage. Each attack landed by a guard applies a debuff to the enemy, slowing their Move Speed for a short duration. The guards also gain all the on hit effects that Skrounge has at the same proc chance.

Damage Type: Physical
Spell Immune: Yes
Number of Guards: 1/2/3/4
Attack Speed: 1.5 (1 attack per 1.5 Sec)
Damage: 5%/10%/15%/20%
Radius/Range: 200
Debuff Duration: 2 Sec
Debuff Slow: 1%
Max Debuff Stacks: 10 (Per guard/the enemy can have 4 separate stacks at once)

[R] Reanimated Dragon

Skrounge summons an undead dragon from the ground beneath himself, acting as a war mount for a moderate durtaion. The dragon changes the attack nature of Skrounge, setting his attack speed to a flat amount and causing a powerful on hit effect in the area around the hit enemy. The dragon can also attack while moving, meaning that moving won't cancel attack animations like normal, the player will need to issue the stop command to cancel attacking a target. The dragon can move over terrain obstacles like cliffs and trees without negative effects. The unique on hit effect deals damage to all enemies and heals all allies within a radius around the target. Skrounge can still use his other abilities as normal, the dragon replaces his normal attack with its own, this attack cannot be disarmed, improved by speed buffs or slowed by debuffs.

Dragon Attack Speed: 1 (1 attack per Sec)
Dragon Summon Cast Speed: 2 Sec
Duration: 60 Sec
CD: 120 Sec
Cost: 300/375/450

On hit effect
Radius: 350
Damage: 1%/2%/3% (Of max HP)
Heal: 1%/2%/3% (Of max HP)



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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by The Magnus Magus » February 11, 2017 11:37pm | Report
I really like his q, w, and e, although his w should be ground targeted. His ult could be really good, but right now I dont like it.

Maybe make it summon the dragon seperately, which then has its own unique abilities, such as splinter (explodes on death) or Fearful presence (applies a 33% miss rate aura.) Making him ride the dragon adds too many complications, such as damage, being useless if he gets too high in level, and just bad positioning for a low hp hero.
"He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster... when you gaze into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you." - Friedrich Nietzsche

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