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Rhadamanthus the Judiciary of the Dead

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Hero Introduction

Rhadamanthus is a ranged strength hero with spells which causes,take advantage of and reduce his allies' suffering. Kingdom Come is a powerful but risky and tricky to use nuke, damaging not only enemies but allies too with the same amount. Folie A Deux allows him to spread certain debuffs from allies or enemies to others, allowing him to take advantage of the enemy's debuff arsenal or double his allies' debuff targets. Judgement turns him into a formidable right clicker if the enemy dares drop his health pool without keeping him disabled. Consequently, he can buy more health which allows him to have more missing health and thus more damage. His ultimate, Sins Harvest, punishes enemies from bursting down allies with high damage in a short amount of time, creating an explosion which deals the same amount of damage they've dealt. While his abilities increases the risk of allies dying, Judgement makes it less punishing by reducing respawn time and gold loss.

[Q] Kingdom Come (Mana Cost:100/120/140/160, Cooldown:30, Pure, No Target)

After a brief channel, burns all nearby units, enemies and allies, dealing pure damage and causing them to take damage over time. This damage is lethal to both enemies and allies and can be used to deny.
Damage: 120/180/240/300
Radius: 600
Channel Duration: 1.5
Burn Damage: 10/20/30/40
Burn Duration: 4

[W] Folie A Deux (Mana Cost: 40/60/80/100, Cooldown:23/19/15/11, Dispellable, Target Unit)

Spreads the suffering of the target unit to another target, inflicting the second target with any debuff the first target is affected with for the duration.
Cast Range: 450
Duration: 3/5/7/9
*After casting on first target, cast on the second target to share debuffs to
*Can also transfer Kingdom Come burn and Sins Harvest debuff.
*If either one of the target's Folie A Deux buff/debuff is dispelled, both lose the Folie A Deux buff/debuff

[E] Judgement (Magical, Passive)

Imbues Rhadamanthus's attacks with magic damage which gets stronger as he is missing more units of health. Also reduces the respawn time and death gold loss of nearby allies. The respawn reduction is doubled for Rhadamanthus.

Damage per Unit Health Missing: 0.05/0.10/0.15/0.2
Aura Radius: 1450
Ally Respawn Time Reduction: 4/8/12/16
Rhadamanthus Respawn Time Reduction: 8/16/24/32
Death Gold Loss Reduction: 30%

[R] Sins Harvest (Mana Cost:270, Cooldown:100/80/60, Pure, Undispellable, Target Unit)

Gauges the target enemy or ally's sins to fuel an unholy burst of energy which deals damage to nearby enemies based on how much damage the target dealt to heroes in the period of the debuff. Damage to creeps are not counted, but killing them is punished by a fixed amount of damage.
Cast Range: 400
Debuff Duration: 5
Damage Dealt as Burst Damage: 50%/75%/100%
Damage Per Creep: 40
*Damage burst is dealt as the debuff duration ends or is dispelled.


Lvl 10: +10 Strength OR -5s Judgement Respawn Reduction Reduction
Lvl 15: +60 Kingdom Come Enemy DoT OR +40 Damage
Lvl 20: -1.25s Kingdom Come channel OR +1 Folie A Deux target
Lvl 25: -22s Kingdom Come Cooldown OR +75% Sins Harvest Multiplier


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