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Orn (the Lavamancer)

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Orn the Lavamancer

Orn is part of a cult of elementalists and geomancers, mages and magic users who focus on specific areas of energy manipulation to control the natural world around them. Orn is one of a rare and talented few who can focus on a fusion of multiple elements, his specialty combines fire, air and earth, earning him the fearsome title of Lavamancer. He is able to control the poisonous smoke that is spewed from volcanoes, can manipulate the earth to crack and open to allow access to deep pockets of magma under the earth's crust. This cult is blamed for multiple disturbances in the natural world, especially when they congregate to practice their mage craft. It is thought that many golems and sentient creatures born from the earth itself are a result of these disturbances. Orn has arrived to the conflict, siding with the Dire forces, purely to test the strength of his elemental abilities in the 'heat' of battle.
Play Style: Orn is a strong magic damage dealer, with good skill shot Aoe abilities for harassment/pushing and team fights. His lack of mobility skills require skilled use of positioning for Orn to be most effective.

Base Move Speed: 285
Attack Range: Ranged (575)
Primary Stat: Int+
Int: 3.6+
Str: 1+
Agi: 0.4+

[Q] Cinders

Orn creates a surge of fire and air at target location, dealing damage to all enemies within a minor Aoe, this ability has a small range initially, but can be extended by the Smolder ability.

Spell Immune: No
Damage Type: Magical
Damage: 75/100/125/150
Range: 400
Cast Speed: 0.2 Sec
Damage Aoe: 375
CD: 6/5/4/3
Cost: 80

[W] Magma Ring

Cracking the earth to create a violent fissure in a ring shape, Orn can trap enemies within a ring of sundered earth, with fire and lava ravaging those who get to close. Activated at target location, a ring slowly forms back toward Orn's location. Orn needs to channel for a brief period to cast Magma Ring, any interrupting effects will stop the Ring from reaching it's full size. The ring is effectively an impassable terrain feature (similar to Earth Shaker's Fissure) that grows from target location in 2 directions to meet just in front of Orn's location, creating an enclosed ring shape. The ring has a minimum size requirement of a perfect circle shape, so targeting anywhere within this range will still create the same size circle. Enemies that are within close range of the Magma Ring will take damage in short intervals. This spell range can be extended to the edge of Smolder. The Magma Ring lasts a moderate duration, it despawns by receding away from it's cast point over 2 Sec. The minimum width for an extended Ring, due to increased range effects (Smolder, Aether Lens, etc.) is 400, thus creating an oval shape instead.

Spell Immune: No (Damage no, Terrain feature yes)
Damage Type: Magic
Damage: 15/30/45/60
Damage Intervals: 0.1 Sec
Damage Range: 50 (50 yards or closer to Ring.)
Minimum Ring Range: 450
Channel Time: 2 Sec
Ring Duration: 6 Sec
CD: 40/35/30/25
Cost: 110/120/130/140

[Note: the growth rate of the Ring is always 2 Sec (the channel time of it's cast), meaning it will always take 2 Sec to reach back to Orn regardless of the range it was cast at.]

[E] Smolder [Passive]

A thick choking cloud of volcanic smog generates around Orn each time he casts a spell, the fog lasts a short time and causes enemies who are outside the fog cloud to lose sight of Orn and all allies who are under the cloud. Enemies who are within the cloud can see them clearly, however they are also unable to see out of the cloud while inside, additionally, enemies who are within the could receive a magic resistance debuff. Each time Orn casts a spell, the cloud grows in size, refreshing the cloud time duration, the cloud also shrinks in size the longer Orn does not cast a spell. The cloud also increases the range of his other spells, all his spells (not including items) can reach to the full range of the cloud. The cloud has a maximum growth size, Orn keep the cloud at max size as long as he keeps casting spells to maintain it.

Spell Immune: No
Magic Resistance Debuff: 6%/12%/18%/24%
Cloud Radius Per Stack: 100
Cloud Stack Duration: 3.5 Sec
Cloud Max Stacks: 10

[Note: Smolder Magic Resistance Debuff cannot be purged and affects invisible heroes, does not penetrate Spell Immune.]
[Aghs Upgrade: Increases Cloud Radius Per Stack to 150, and enemies within Smolder are also dealt magic damage in intervals of 0.1 Sec for 0.5% of Current HP, this damage cannot affect Spell Immune units, but does affect invisible units.]

[R] Lava Wave

Orn releases a large wave of lava from his current location that slowly spreads outwards, damaging and knocking back all enemies in it's path. The Wave is spawned from it's cast location and grows from there, it does not follow Orn's location. Enemies can only be damaged knocked back once by the wave. The wave travels at a set speed to a set distance, the distance can extend to the full range of Smolder.

Spell Immune: No (Damage No, Knock Back Yes)
Damage Type: Magic
Damage: 125/250/375
Minimum Range: 700
Travel Speed: 300
Knock Back Duration: 0.5 Sec
Knock Back Distance: 100
Cast Time: 0.4 Sec
CD: 60 Sec
Cost: 150/300/450

[Note: The knock back does interrupt enemy channeling abilities.]


+5 Mana Reg/+15 Int

+20 Move Speed/+300 Mana

+10% Spell Amp/+10% Cool Down Reduction

Magma Ring Duration and Damage x2/Cinders Cool Down Removed



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