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New Hero- The Life Golem

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Crunchies » June 12, 2013 7:05am | Report
Lore: A burning star shoots across the sky, something detaches from it! A small burning lump of rock fell into the rivers of life located in the heart of the Jungle of Life. Not long after, the rock magically transforms into a majestic being of life and energy and bent on eradicating evil forever.

Attributes: Primary Strength
Strength- 25 + 2.4
Agility- 19 + 0.9
Intelligence- 27 + 1.9

Movement speed: 285
Base Armor: 3.36
Base Attack Speed: 1.7 seconds per attack
Base Damage- 54-61
Attack Type- Melee


Rejuvenating Hold:

Dashes forward the way you are facing 600 units and if you come into contact with an enemy, you will immobilize you and the enemy. This will steal 40% of the enemies mana and convert it into health for yourself and others around you in a radius of 100.

Damage: 0/100/200/300
Speed of Dash: 300/450/500/650
Immobilize time: 1/2/3/3
Mana cost: 80/90/100/110
Cool down: 9

Energetic Charge:
Target: Allies

Knocks your ally the way he is facing by 400 units and restore 18% of his MAX health at the cost of 30% of your CURRENT health.

Mana Cost: 120/140/160/160
Cool down: 12/7/2/0.5

Rivers of Life:
Target: Target Spot

Summons a magical river flowing from the heavens to cleanse an area around you, removing all buffs and de-buffs and increasing mana and health regeneration.

Range: 500/650/800/950
AoE: 250/325/400/475
Duration: 10/12/14/16
Mana Regeneration: +5/+7/+9/+11
Health Regeneration: +3/+7/+11/+15
Mana: 200/250/300/350
Cool down: 15/18/21/24

Dew of the River:
Target: Target Unit

Will travel towards the unit at maximum movement speed underground, whenever Life Golem travels past an ally, a magical river will be there for 20 seconds, the river will be based on your third skills level. If you pass through any allies while underground, you will transfer 25% of your current health to them, and will only work on ally heroes. When you arrive at your target, a massive waterfall will collapse on the place you arrive at and restore your health and allies who are near it with 15% of their max health.

AoE of Waterfall: 400/500/600
Mana: 400/475/550
Cool down: 250/150/50


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Droes » July 25, 2013 12:46am | Report
So if you would have a sven on your team that pops his ulti, and (by coinsedence ofcourse) he gets affected by rivers of life.
You would Spoil the ulti of your own team mate?
That seems frustrating
Life is really simple, but we insist in making it complicated.


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