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Najek the Rinka Lancer

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Sclipzer » August 2, 2016 3:03pm | Report
Welcome to another one of my hero ideas!
The hero is a hunter from the Rinka tribe and uses a spear as his weapon. He's great against agility carries (Because of his armor piercing) and he pushes really fast with his [Q] skill Sweeping Attack.


Far in the north, where noone dare to go because of the freezing cold, you can find the Rinka Tribe. They where known for their razor-sharp spears, lances and javelins. In that tribe, there was a man called Najek. He was a hunter, and he was known as the most experienced hunter in the whole Far North.

When he was young, he wanted to become a hunter just like his father. He was a great hunter who never came home without food.
He had a friend that he played with every day, but one day a crazy troll came to his village, and killed his friend. Najek was a weak boy, and his father didn't care about him at all. Najek tried every day to hunt, but he failed every time and his father always laughed at him and said that he was the best hunter, and that Najek never would become better than him.
When Najek was 14 years old he started training in secret. He learned how to use a spear and how to hunt.
When he was 16 years old he went to the forgery and stole the sharpest spear. When he came home he murdered his own father. He fled to the south, and settled down in a village.
After that, he went on a journey, to find the crazy troll who murdered his friend, killing anyone in his way.


Radiant "Long Range" Melee Strenght

HP: 561
MP: 328
Armor: 3

Speed: 310
BAT: 1.58

Dmg: 59-70
Range: 158 (30 more than a normal melee hero)

Vision: 1800/1000 (His hunting skills give him +200 night vision)



Sweeping Attack


Najek attacks enemies in a radius, but deals less damage. If Poisontip is learned, it will add the current level of it to his attacks (With a 50% damage reduction. Only ignores armor on primary target.)

MC (Manacost): 5/10/15/20
CD (Cooldown): 0

Radius: 220/240/260/280

Dmg decrease: 60/45/30/15%


Najek's long spear allows him to deal damage to multiple enemies.


Poison Tip


Najek's spear becomes sharper, dealing more damage, penetrates armor and adds a poison effect to attacks.

Bonus dmg: +10/+20 | +10%/30% (First two levels are constants, then at lvl 3+ it increases with a percentage)
Penetration: 30/50/70/90%

Poison dps: 35
Poison slow: 0/15/20/25%
Poison duration: 0/1/2/3


Najek sharpens his spear and fills the tip with deadly poison




Najek hides and waits for the right time to attack, dealing extra damage.

MC: 100
CD: 34

Duration: 10/20/30/40

Dmg bonus: +20/35/50/65


Najek hides until it's time to strike.


Devastating Strike

Doesn't work on BkB'ed enemies.
Deals physical damage.

Najek rushes towards an enemy, and stabs his enemy (the spear comes out on the other side). Deals massive damage and makes enemies bleed, adds a zombie debuff and disarms Najek.

MC: 40% of max mana + 10% of current HP
CD: 60

Cast Range: 600
Rush speed: 550
Hit range: 158

Dmg: 200/250/300+ Base Dmg

Bleed Duration: 5
Bleed dps: 20

Disarm duration: 6/5/4


Very few survive when Najek's spear pierces ones heart and comes out on the other side.


Weapon: Spear
Clothes: Thick brown jacket with a hood.
Race: Human
Other: Eskimo based (It's called Eskimo right?)
Element: None


I think that the name Najek sounds weird. Name suggestions are welcome. As long as it feels "eskimoish". (Northpole-ish)

Got a suggestion? Anything that has to be balanced? Comment below!


V1: Wrote it all.
V2: Formatting improvements
V3: More improvements.
Hero DPS and EHP Spreadsheet coming soon.


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