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Morphling rework polishing metagame

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Forum » Hero & Item Ideas » Morphling rework polishing metagame 3 posts - page 1 of 1
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by parssabr » August 3, 2016 4:02pm | Report
THe hero is without polishing because blade is disabled is weak, he sucks as a carry due to low MS low range, a terrible bkb holder but if silenced with go down in 3 seconds, needs incredible amounts of baby sitting id say almost as much a spectre, cant contribute much early game due to insane mana costs and low mana pool.

Imho the hero needs a few things addressed so I would start with his mana and MS. Buff his MS to 305 base int to 20 and growth to 2.2. This might atleast make him somewhat of a threat in lane.

Morph's the poster boy of heroes in an abusive relationship with Icefrog. If any buffs see him getting competitive play at all, he gets nerfed harder than anyone else I can think of.
to fix the hero, fix his ability to heal while stunned, then you can actually begin balancing him as a normal hero.

I feel he will never outclass Anti-Mage as a ricing carry so why not just remake him.. Yes could buff his number to intelligence values, deficiency mana.

example ? He already has insant cast point on his ultimate and morph, very low casting point on wave and addaptive.

I think the biggest issue is as I've said in my opening post that was deleted is that his movement is too damn low. This limits him so much and I've explained why.

the choices for boots negatively affect him so much and anything but travels in too slow for him, but travels is too expensive and gives little else, so you can't rush it, so you are forced to go for PT's for the stats they give you, but you are stuck on 320ms all game until like 40+ minutes.

He has to have his movement speed increased to 300 is int 20 +2.2

Morphling, It consumes a lot of mana needed to increase attributes Intelligence to compensate. 17 +1.5 increase ---> 20 +2.2

improve movespeed 285 to 305

aghanim: activate skill of copies, is heroes enemies.

Replicate: reduce mana cost, of position of the Replicate for 150 mana to 100


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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Terathiel » August 3, 2016 11:18pm | Report
But... Morphling isn't low mobility. He goes Boots of Travel first item, gets a Yasha early in his item progression and sits above 420 movespeed for most of the game. Add to this Waveform and Replicate, and you get a very elusive hero who's almost impossible to kite because of Eye of Skadi. You don't pick Morphling to fight early with treads, you pick him to split-push and rice until you've got at least Ethereal Blade, which after travels should really be no later than 20 minutes.

The reason you use Boots of Travel instead of just a TP scroll is, very simply, Replicate. With some map awareness - not even a lot because pressing R isn't hard - it's almost impossible to catch Morphling. He's extremely elusive, disrupts and split-pushes lanes constantly, and the 45 second cooldown on a teleport instead of 65 - not to mention being able to teleport to a unit - means that Morphling has way more presence on the map. Bearing in mind that he has a 1.6 BAT instead of 1.7, you're not going to notice a low attack speed so you don't need the stats of treads anyway, especially since you're mostly morphed to agility. Any stats deficiency can be solved with a Wraith Band or Magic Wand.

He's got a solid lane presence and with a support has extremely high kill potential. His problem isn't low mobility (he isn't) or mana issues (not since the buff to Morph), but a cripplingly weak midgame. Come lategame with decent or even average farm, Morphling is a huge pain to deal with, splitpushing all over the map and doing terrifying amounts of sustained physical DPS plus magical burst. I wouldn't even say he needs buffs at all.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by michimatsch » August 4, 2016 12:08am | Report
Yeah and you actually need multiple silences and stun to even get him.
If you got a silence without a stun he will just use Manta Style and press r.
And his late game damage is pretty terrifying as he can Morph Agility Gain even the strength of say Satanic and still be unkillable because of the active and his other high stats. If you want to talk about abusive Icefrog treatment you can look at the old Terrorblade.


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