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Maneo Ledae, The Kinetic Bladesman

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Powergoat » July 29, 2014 1:58pm | Report

Maneo Ledea, The Kinetic Bladesman

Faction:The Radiant
Primary attribute:Agility
Attack Type:Melee
Move speed:315
Cast point:0.1
Role(s):Carry, Escape

Ability 1:Q:Prepared Strike
Ability:ground target Affects:enemies Damage:physical
Maneo swings his blade in the air, leaving a remnant of the energy. This remnant is visible, indestructible, and has a duration. It does not provide vision. remnants deal his attack damage, and cause a ministun. When a remnant hits an opponent, all remnants become inactive for a set amount of time. remnants can have unique attack modifiers, can critical strike, and gain full advantage of any other items. If a enemy is hit, you get vision for a brief duration. Can hit invisible units. If you place more than the max cap, the furthest from the new remnant dissapears.

Remnant duration:30/60/120/180
Max remnants:10
Remnant activation diameter: 225
Remnant on hit activation delay:0.6/0.5/0.4/0.3
Remnant mini-stun duration:0.2
Vision range:400 Vision Duration:3
Mana cost:65 Cooldown:12/9/6/4

Ability 2:W:Kinetic Impale
Ability:Target unit Affects:enemies Damage:magical
The Bladesman uses focused kinetic energy, damaging a enemy unit and throwing it towards the nearest prepared blade. If there is no prepared blade in range,the target is stunned.

Impale damage:150/200/250/300
Ability cast range:200
Remnant search distance:600/750/900/1050
Stun duration:1.5
Mana cost:130 cooldown:12

Ability 3:Remember Me
Ability:no target Affects:self Damage:physical
Maneo remembers who he last hit, teleporting to them and doing a critical strike. This ability teleports Maneo instantly to whomever he last autoattacked. A prepared blade counts as an autoattack. The first strike following the teleport is a critical strike.

Critical damage:130/165/200/235
Mana cost:160/140/120/100 Cooldown:12

I have two Possible Ult Ideas

Ability 4a:R:Eternal Strikes
Ability:no target Affects:enemies Damage:Magical/Physical
Enemies remember their wounds, so Maneo makes them happen again. reapeates every instance of damage that Maneo has caused in a past amount of time over a 5 second period. Includes damage from items, abilitys, and autoattacks.(might prevent this from dealing lethel damage)

Amount of time judged:20/30/40(*30/40/50)
manacost:200/250/300(*0) Cooldown:80(*60)

Ability 4b:R:Living Blade:
Ability:passive Affects:self Damage:physical
The blade of the blademaster is alive and just as powerful as it's master. A percentage of damage done will shortly be added as bonus damage. Stacks with itself. Damage added does not include any damage gained from this ability, but does account for critical strikes and prepared strikes.

Damage remembered:5%,/8%/11%(15%)
Bonus damage duration:30/40/50


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