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Ketin (The Ronin Vuples)

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Ketin (The Ronin Vuples)

Deep in the woodlands throughout the realms, there are whispers and tales of strange and elusive fox like beings. In all accounts they are known as wise although they always speak in confusing riddles, playful and mischievous although they both love and shy away from attention, and masters of combat although they often flee from confrontation. Ketin is one of these playfully lethal vuples beings, once the underling student of his mother, a blade master and mystic teacher in her own right. He has struck out on his own mission after his mother died mysteriously during a deep trance into the shadow realm. Ketin has come to the battlefield to exact revenge on the demons responsible for his mothers death, although evidence is limited, he is certain that Shadow Demon is one of the culprits. He wields a long sword known as the wash pole, and is not afraid to charge head long into the fray in search of answers to his mothers death.
Play style: Ketin is a strong melee carry, good at initiation and dealing lots of damage to a moderate number of enemies in a short space of time. He is very much a glass cannon.

Base Move Speed: 300
Attack Range: Melee (300)
Primary Stat: Agi
Int: 0.8+
Str: 0.2+
Agi: 3+

[Q] Master's Prowess

Ketin enhances his battle stance for a short duration, providing himself with a buff that affects both Move Speed and Attack Speed. The Move Speed buff lasts until the duration expires or he moves a set total distance. The Attack Speed buff lasts until the duration expires or he performs a set number of attacks. The Attack Speed buff also gives Ketin's attacks a thin Aoe cone of splash damage for the duration.

Spell Immune: Yes (Self)
Move Speed Increase: 20%/40%/60%/80%
Attack Speed Increase: 20%/40%/60%/80%
Buff Duration: 7 Sec
Move Speed Expiration Distance: 800
Attack Speed Expiration Applications: 2/4/6/8
Attack Aoe Cone: 200 (behind hit target, cone of 10-150 width)
Splash damage: 100%
CD: 10 Sec
Cost: 100

[Note: Can be dispelled, removing both Move Speed and Attack Speed effects.]

[W] Mystic Parry

Ketin empowers his form for a short duration, during this time he will reflect the first enemy targeting damage spell cast upon him. The enemy spell is completely dispelled and Ketin fires a mystic blast from his blade back to the enemy caster, dealing damage equal to a percentage of the spells mana cost. The returning attack is triggered once the spell is absorbed and strikes all enemies in a thin path toward the enemy's current location. The returning attack also has no range limit, meaning an enemy can fire a spell and blink away, but still be struck by this attack. This attack cannot be disjointed and has a base travel speed of 700.

Damage Type: Magic
Spell Immune: No (Can still absorb spell cast from spell immune enemy's without the returning attack being activated)
Return Damage Percentage: 35%/40%/45%/50% (Percentage of spells mana cost)
Buff Duration: 3/4/5/6 Sec
Return attack width: 70
CD: 10
Cost: 100
[Note: Can be dispelled.
Only affects enemy spells that cause damage, including Dot Spells.
If Ketin has other spell absorption effects (eg. Linkens) Mystic Parry will trigger first as higher priority.]

[E] Vuples Agility [Passive]

As a recognized master of his blade and boasting supernatural feats of agility typical of his species of fox like humanoids. Ketin gains a flat increase to his base Move Speed and Attack Speed, as well as the ability to lower his spell cool downs upon successful kills.

Spell Immune: Yes (Self)
Move Speed Increase: 5/10/15/20
Attack Speed Increase: 5/10/15/20
Cool down reduction: 1 Sec (5 Sec for enemy heroes.)

[R] Flash Strike

Channeling all his physical and magical strength into one blinding strike, Ketin flashes through enemies, dealing damage equal to a multiplier of his agility. Flash Strike is cast at target location, Ketin is invulnurable and disjoints all projectiles during this travel time. Damaging width equal to Character base.

Damage Type: Magical
Spell Immune: No
Damage Agi Multiplier: 0.75/1.50/2.25
Cast Range: 500/600/700
Travel Speed: 700
CD: 10
Cost: 100/150/200



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