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Kerlo, The Gatekeeper

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Crunchies » June 13, 2013 8:04am | Report
The Radiant

Main Attribute: Intelligence

Role: Support, Lane Support, Disabler, Pusher.

Strength: 14 + 2.7
Agility: 12 + 1.2
Intelligence: 30 + 4.1

Base Health: 410
Base Mana: 390

Attack Style: Ranged
Range: 650
Damage: 61-70
Armor: 1

Skill Set:

Gate of Mirroring:
Summons a 1100 range gate horizontal to the way you are facing (Dark Seer Ultimate) and enemies are not able to pass through the gate but allies can, they also are not allowed to attack through the gate.

Duration: 4/4/6/8
Range: 1000
Mana: 120/120/130/140
Cool down: 20/16/12/8

Gate of Fortune:
Summons a 500 range gate horizontal to the way you are facing and ANYONE who enters the gate will be teleported randomly to one of their allies, buildings or Roshan.

Duration: 4/5/6/7
Range: 400/700/1000/1300
Mana: 100
Cool down: 10/12/14/16
Chance of random ally: 30%/30%/30%/40%
Chance of random building: 25%/35%/45%/45%
Chance of Roshan: 45%/35%/25%/15%

Gate of Fury:
Summons a 800 range gate horizontal to the way you are facing and allies who enter it will gain a 5 second buff and you can only get the buff once. Enemies will not be able to pass through the wall.

Duration: 30/22/14/6
Range: 500/1000/1500/2000
Mana: 150/180/210/240
Cool down: 25/18/11/4
Buff increase in damage: 20/40/60/80
Buff increase in attack speed and movement speed: 8%/16%/24%/32%
Buff increase in armor: 2/4/6/8

Strand of Life:
Creates a web of strings on the place you are standing on. Allies who walk through it will be at 50% hp, but after 5 seconds their health will be restored based on their mana pool. Enemies who walk through it will instantly lose health for each second spent in the web.

Duration: 3/7/11
AoE: 400/500/600
Mana Pool restoration: 50%/150%/250% (50%/100%/150% of your max mana pool is turned into health, but you will not lose any mana)
Mana: 300/650/1000
Cool down: 300/190/80
Enemy health loss per second: 40/80/120
(Sorry if this spell is really confusing)

Aghanim's Scepter will give you an extra spell!

Wall of Lies:
When walked through by ANYONE (including Roshan) the wall will produce an exact replica of him and allow you to use him for 2 minutes unless it dies. They count as illusions.

Duration: 15
Mana Cost: 400
Cool down: 15

I hope he isn't too powerful even though he looks powerful. But his health sucks.


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