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Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by Yzreel » July 25, 2015 5:20pm | Report

Kardel Sharpeye the Sniper

Hero Introduction:

I've always hated how Sniper is more of a machine-gunner than a sniper, so this is how I would like to remake him. The basic idea is to focus on a scaling skillshot ultimate, which can be further microed with Attract and Repulse. Originally, the idea of this hero is for the second theme (non-magic), and was based on magnetism. However, as the idea matured I decided to make it into a Sniper remake as a scientific sniper. Although his name is Sniper, most of the time he will fight with a secondary rifle from medium range, using his sniping skill only when he uses Propulsion or Railgun

This hero will most probably be played similar to Pudge, with his skillset that contributes well into ganking. Although he gets much more frightening once he hits level 6, he is by no mean weak in early game. His ganking can be very effective since early on due to the extensive range of his skills, causing the enemies to be caught off guard. Mostly, this hero depends on the EMP Ball for the early game slow and mini-stun, which is also usable to further strengthen his other three skills.

Later in game, all his skills also provide a secondary effect that will still make this hero useful even until later game. Radar grants a maximum of 8 armor reduction to all, Propulsion can still be used as positioning/escape skill, EMP Ball has a good amount of slow that pierces BKB (even if it's only 300 radius), and Railgun breaks and silences a 300 radius upon dispersing. All those in addition to his high agility make him a dangerous DPS hero as well.

Though strong, this hero's low starting intelligence means that he will have tremendous mana problem early on (possibly until late without mana item), and that is the prominent cons of this hero. This is due to all his skills putting a huge burden on the MP cost, and is done to make him more of a one-shot-kill hero rather than a spammer.


Research Journal of Kardel Sharpeye
Page 16523, Day 4855
Entry 25 – Frequencies and Threads
Experiment 1

As determined before (re: entry 18 – Frequencies), frequencies have consistently appeared throughout some of the most significant phenomena in the universe (in example: electromagnetic, audio/sound, light, et cetera). This led to the conclusion that the law of universe is consistent and was created from identical repeating events in different forms (re: entry 20 – Origin of Laws).

Comparing this with ancient folklores of the weavers (re: entry 22 – Folklores), frequencies hold very similar characteristics of the so-called threads. This experiment shall be held to find out the correlation of frequencies and threads by the complete exposure of all the threads’ characteristics based on the folklore.

To do that, this experiment will attempt to visualize frequencies via extreme force of electromagnetic, rotated on a circular rail. Once accomplished, the visual should have all the characteristics of threads in the folklores, if previous hypotheses prove true. Whatever the outcome of this experiment, I believe that this is another step closer to the secret of universe, the final objective of this journal.


Entry 25 – Frequencies and Threads
Conclusion of Experiment 1

I have made something far beyond me, and I regretted it. I saw what no mortal should see, and with this knowledge I decided to halt my research indefinitely. However, I shall bear the burden to complete my conclusion. I hope to stabilize some deviations in previous experiment, and my conclusion will be finalized. I just hope that the final conclusion will be different from what I have concluded. The only way to do so is to test it by fire, and I shall once again head to the battlefield, as in the days I was called the Sniper.


Faction: The Radiant
Primary Attribute: Agility
Attack Type: Range
Roles: Ganker, Nuker

Str: 58.5 at 25 (16 + 1.7/level)
Agi: at 83.5 (21+ 2.5/level)
Int: 80 at 25 (15 + 2.6/level)

Health: 1594 at 25
MP: 1261 at 25
Armor: 13.8 (1.9 base armor + 11.9) at 25
Movement: 290
Range: 550
Base Damage: 36-42
Vision: 1800/1200


[Q] Radar: Sniper activates his radio-wave radar, leaving a trace of enemy heroes’ whereabouts every 0.5 seconds in the mini-map and visual. Furthermore, all enemy heroes traced by the radar will be heated, losing more armor with each ping until they are out of radius or this skill is stopped. Any EMP Ball struck by the ping will have its duration refreshed. This skill does not break channeling and only show enemy traces to Sniper, not to his allies.

- 24 MP/ping, 2 maximum stacks
- 21 MP/ping, 4 maximum stacks
- 18 MP/ping, 6 maximum stacks
- 15 MP/ping, 8 maximum stacks

Type: Toggle
Affect: Enemy Heroes
Pierces Spell Immunity: Partial

Activation Mana Cost: 70
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Ping Radius: 2000
Armor Reduction: 1/ping

Radio wave, the most consistent thread.


[W] Propulsion: Kardel activates his propulsion device, launching himself to a targeted point, where he will hide under a light-wave bending sheet that causes him to be invisible. Moving, attacking or using a spell/item breaks the invisibility, but the damage dealt by Kardel (via spell/attack) on breaking invisibility will deal a second instance of damage after damage resistances as physical damage. This skill can also be casted on EMP Ball up to 50% maximum range to propel Sniper to that location. In invisibility, auto-attack is disabled and Sniper’s attack range is increased to this skill’s range.

- 900 range, 40% bonus damage
- 1000 range, 60% bonus damage
- 1100 range, 80% bonus damage
- 1200 range, 100% bonus damage

Type: Target Point, Channeling
Affect: Self
Damage: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

MP Cost: 100/120/140/160
Cooldown: 40/34/28/22 seconds
Duration: 60 seconds

Light wave, the most deluding thread.


[E] EMP Ball: Kardel shoots an EMP ball to targeted location, where it will hover automatically. For 4 seconds after shot, it will slow the move speed of all enemy units in 300 radius and deals damage that mini-stuns every second. After duration ends, the ball will stay idle in the location for longer duration without any effect, but can still interact with Railgun via Attract and Repulse that are learned by learning this skill. The balls can be destroyed with 6 hits and are visible to enemy units, but they cannot be moved. Does not stack with itself.

- 10% slow, 20 damage/second
- 20% slow, 30 damage/second
- 30% slow, 40 damage/second
- 40% slow, 50 damage/second

Type: Target Area
Affect: Enemy Units
Damage: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: Partial

MP Cost: 110/120/130/140
Cooldown: 18/16/14/12 seconds
Duration: 4 seconds
Idle Duration: 40 seconds
Cast Range: 1600
Mini-stun Duration: 0.2 second

Electromagnetic wave, the most stunning thread.


[D] Attract: Target a ball and causes Railgun bullet to be attracted to it, changing its trajectory and refreshing its range. This skill can only be used once to each ball for a single Railgun bullet, this skill has instant cast time and duration, and affects the bullet up to 1200 range away. Has global cast range.

[F] Repulse: Target a ball and causes Railgun bullet to be repulsed from it, changing its trajectory and refreshing its range. This skill can only be used once to each ball for a single Railgun bullet, this skill has instant cast time and duration, and affects the bullet up to 1200 range away. Has global cast range.

[R] Railgun: The Sniper shoots his extremely strong magnetic-powered railgun, dealing a tremendous amount of damage to enemy units in a long straight line after 1.6 seconds cast time. The bullet of this skill has 200 points width, travels at 2000 projectile speed and will pierce any unit it kills, but disperses upon failing to kill a unit, silencing and breaking all units within 300 points radius from the hit unit. The bullet deals a base damage based on Sniper’s attack damage, which is increased if the hit unit is a hero, based on the hero maximum HP. Each enemy unit pierced will reduce 200 total range.

- 2000 range, 15% maximum HP as bonus damage
- 2400 range, 25% maximum HP as bonus damage
- 2800 range, 35% maximum HP as bonus damage

Type: Target Point
Affects: Enemy Units
Damage Type: Physical
Pierces Spell Immunity: Yes

MP: 240/320/400
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Debuff Duration: 4/5/6 seconds
Base Damage: 200+2x base attack damage

The strongest force ever mustered, it can sever even the strongest weave of heroes’ threads with ease.

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