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Item suggestion-Orb of Mystery

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep by player6598 » September 27, 2014 6:52am | Report
Orb of mystery is an item dropped after clearing the ancient camp.

Passive: (haven't got a name yet)
When enemies are auto attacked by the orb holder, the target's movement will be slowed by 20%.
Slow chance: 40%
Does not go through spell immunity

Active: (haven't got a name yet)
Give random bounty/buff(total chance 80%)
Chance of recieving Bounty of 50-150 is 50%
chance of receiving Bounty of 150-250 is 10%
Chance of receiving Haste/Double damage buff is 20%

Give Debuff(total chance 20%)
Chance of getting slowed for 10% is 15%
Chance of commiting suicide (bonus gold is given to the enemy) is 5%.


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